Doctors/닥터스 [Full Review]


“You were born into this world, so why not live a special life?” – Yoo Hye Jung’s Grandma (Doctors)

I’m one of the very few people who don’t understand the Doctors hype even after watching all 20 episodes. Kind of saddening because I want to be a part of those who think highly of Doctors. I gave Doctors a chance after reading positive comments about it from K and I viewers. I downloaded all 20 episodes in one go few months ago but only able to finish it yesterday. I quite liked the show and I think the production was pretty high quality even though some things just didn’t sit well with me. I did marathon a few episodes in one sitting, really proud of myself.

Now, shall we start? 🙂

Casting lineup was good! They casted the perfect actors for each role. The cameos were great too! from Lee Ki Woo, Han Hye Jin, Namgoong Min, Lee Sang Yeob, to Jo Dal Hwan.

Kim Rae Won is hands-down a great actor. Once again he proves it with his acting in Doctors. Kim Rae Won was basically the heart of the show.  He delivered his scenes flawlessly. He brought his character to life effortlessly. It made his portrayal much more enjoyable. I liked how relax Kim Rae Won was at most scenes. He especially became so relax when he was around Hye Jung or when he played around with his friends/students. His tone and his facial expressions were just like your real-life friend fooling around with you.

Kim Rae Won

Kim Rae Won

Park Shin Hye is famous for her crying scene. Her crying scenes are always full of emotions and wrench my heart every single time. In episode 3 when she cried at the hospital, you can see that her whole body was shaking. That scene impressed me. One of her very best acting out of all 20 episodes. The negative comment is, I didn’t really like her acting when Hye Jung was in her rebellious phase in her life. Park Shin Hye just didn’t fit that character. She couldn’t convince me that she could also act all tough, a troublemaker, and a fighter. If Hye Jung stayed like that (like she was in ep 1 and 2) then probably I would end up labeling her as an overhyped talented actress. That’s how I just didn’t like her portrayal. But after Hye Jung passed that horrible phase Park Shin Hye came back to be a great actress I knew.

Just in case some of you don't know who Park Shin Hye is /which is kind of impossible/

Just in case some of you don’t know who Park Shin Hye is /which is kind of impossible/

The leads actually looked quite good together. I though their sweet romantic scenes would be awkward as hell –it was at first!- but it was not as awkward as I thought it’d be. It was still awkward, yes, but as the time went on they actually became sweet. Maybe because I grew accustomed to their lovely dovey actions.

Yoon Kyun Sang played 2 sides of Jung Yoon Do well. The cold Jung Yoon Do and the playful Jung Yoon Do. Okay, not as playful as I hoped but he was still so cute! Few times, Jung Yoon Do reminded me of his character in Six Flying Dragons, Moo Hyul. Yoon Kyun Sang also played 2 different sides of Moo Hyul there. He’s lot better now. I remember watching him in The Time We Were Not In Love and he was awkward there. His gaze was the one to blame! But he improved a lot in Doctors! I guess working with lots of seniors in 6FD helped him a lot 😀

Yoon Kyun Sang. Currently appearing in 3 Meals A Day - Fishing Village season 3. He's a cutie there definitely check it out. Watch the eng subbed episodes from FishingSubTeam!

Yoon Kyun Sang. Currently appearing in 3 Meals A Day – Fishing Village season 3. He’s a cutie there definitely check it out. Watch the eng subbed episodes from FishingSubTeam!

Let me ramble on about several episodes first and after that I’m going to summarize my thoughts of Doctors.

Episode 1 was bleh for me. I don’t know why but I tend to not like characters’ backstory that much. This also applied to Doctors. Hye Jung’s backstory was boring for me. I actually almost gave up midway. Maybe because Park Shin Hye didn’t pull off this kind of role. Hye Jung trying to look all cool and tough looked awkward for me.

Hye Jung cried a lot in episode 3 and as I wrote above, Park Shin Hye’s crying scenes were always full of emotions. I cried a lot with her. Episode 3 was a turning point in Hye Jung’s life. As she said in episode 4, anger drove her to success. And that anger had been developed since 13 years ago –episode 3.

“Are you married? Do you have boyfriend? It’s good then.”

For meeting for the first time after 13 years what Hong Ji Hong said to Hye Jung was very very straight forward and heart-fluttering. It made K-netz squealed. LOL. ME TOO.

cap by kkuljaem

cap by kkuljaem


I didn’t like that the doctors played with patients’ lives. For example, in episode 5  Hye Jung insisted on continuing her surgery even though her seniors asked her to stop. Her surgery was a success though but I couldn’t help but judged Hye Jung as an egoistic person. Throughout the run, we could see several other examples of her egoistic actions. Hye Jung grew as a better person on the later episodes and became lot tamer though. But again, I seriously think doctors especially surgeon may not put their egoism above their patients’ lives. Your patients get under the knife trusting your words but you perform surgery to show off your skills to other surgeons “hey I can do this, envy enough?” No. Please. Doctors, you need to be professional at all cost.

Episode 12 opened a new stage for their relationship! It’s their turning point! I liked that Hye Jung admitted she’s indirectly, unconciously, being the selfish bitch one in their relationship. She wanted to be loved for who she was but she asked Ji Hong to change to her liking. Than the kiss! THE FREAKING KISS! It’s one sincere kiss oh my dramalord. And God, Kim Rae Won was such a great kisser T_T


Character development was great! I seriously liked the fact that none of the character irritated me. Pretty surprising since I’m a type of person who gets irritated easily when watching dramas. Writer really did a great job in bringing the best of every character. The actors also did a great job in bringing their character to life.

Hye Jung transformation was believable and was done in the most natural way. It was also inspiring. I hope that some of Doctors viewers who feel like they’re misfit in society or feel like they’re useless, I sincerely hope you guys take Hye Jung life story as motivation to get your shit together. It doesn’t matter that Hye Jung is a fictional character, her life story is not real, real world doesn’t work that way. Look at it at the bright side. Didn’t you guys get inspired when you watched her grow and success? Even if it’s only a drama/movie, life lesson is still life lesson. I sincerely hope that Hye Jung’s story can give you guys courage to live your life. Or even much better, help you to be a better person and achieve your dreams!

Despite failing to imitate real-life doctors’ appearance, Drama did well with delivering people’s helplessness, struggle, and desperation. This translated well through the patients’ stories. The father of two bros for example. When someone felt like he’s fallen into a deep pit it’s easy for him to think of the unthinkable things. Parents’ love for their children is immeasurable.

I also liked how Drama didn’t glamorize surgeon’s skills. There were times the doctors here reluctant to do a surgery. Not all their surgeries were successful. Not all difficult surgeries were successful. Surgeons are human too after all. In Doctors, ven when surgeon did their best, didn’t guarantee the patient would still alive or as perfect as they’re used too. For example, the bride patient.

But, why didn’t we get any follow-up on the patients the doctors treated? For example, that gas barrel guy (Ji Soo). He was Hye Jung’s friend. Hye Jung herself witnessed how that Ji Soo guy fell off of his motorcycle in front of her. Like..?? He was suppossed to be back to his hometown to his family. Like, show us that he had discharged from hospital or something like that. I couldn’t help but think that that Ji Soo guy was still lying on hospital bed until the end of the drama.

I can’t say I like the ep 1-3 since they are my least favorites. But I have to be honest that the plot was very engaging. Every episode was written and structured nicely. I liked how this simple love story can be very interesting to watch. The fact that I watched several episodes in one sitting and didn’t get tired spoke a lot. The ending of every episode was clean and not sort of cliffhanger ending.

I liked that each episode was packed with so many things. The pace moved steadily, not too fast and not too slow. We’ve got time to really invest our emotions to every each character here. Heck, even I invested a lot of my emotions to the bride-groom couple that their ending broke me into a million pieces.

So many life lessons learned from this. I also liked that Hye Jung didn’t openly forgive her father but didn’t hate him either. She was right in the middle. Scars from past cannot be erased or healed that easily you guys. Hatred is one tiring thing, but if you grow up with that it’s truly not easy to forgive the person who scarred you. Doctors perfectly delivered this message. If Hye Jung ended up forgiving and accepting his father I would find it forced.

Choker, high heels, boots, skinny jeans, big earrings, makeup especially vibrant lip color, vibrant hair color. Um. No. The doctor’s appearance didn’t reflect doctors at all. I was hoping for a realistic portrayal of doctors like the doctors in Good Doctor or Emergency Couple. Two medical dramas that I’ve watched that the casts looked a lot more like doctors in real life.

Support the album legally by downloading or streaming it on Melon or other legal music portal!

I LOVE THE OST!! Every song is iconic in its own way. My personal favorite is track no.05 여우비 sang by SE O (젤리쿠키). I Actually listen to it at least twice in a day. The melody soothes me.

Jung Yup’s 그 애 (愛) (That Love) was the most played BGM. It’s also another song that soothes you.

I liked it that every song fit the drama so much. I also liked that they used the BGM really wisely. They inserted the BGM at the appropriate scene and time. So fitting!

Overall rating :  7 out of 10
Will I Watch it Again? YES!


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