A Girl and Three Sweethearts [Drama Review]


“It’s really tough liking someone, huh? Thinking about them can make you happy, cry, laugh, angry, and upset. But love is supposed to be a rollercoaster of emotions like that, don’t you think?” – Touma Shibakasi (A Girl and Three Sweethearts)

I don’t know from where should I talk about this cute drama because I really don’t know! I feel bad for putting the review on hold for weeks since the ending of the drama. I couldn’t make time. I couldn’t get inspiration to write review LOL. But the time for me to review this drama has come!!

Just like the typical Japanese drama (that I watch), A Girl And Three Sweethearts is (supposed to be) a cute drama about love and passion. It’s full of life lesson too. And don’t forget we have 3 good looking guys here T_T My fangirl cells are awaken every time I watch this drama. You can expect this review to be a bit biased LOL.

Kiritani Mirei is definitely a girl crush! As someone who’s pretty new to Japanese showbiz and not very updated on top of that, I know her from her movie with fellow AGATS co-star, Yamazaki Kento, Heroin Shikkaku. I ship them two HARD in that movie and I also ship them two HARD in this drama.

I like that Kiritani is very natural with her acting. She leads every scene she’s in. She also shares a good amount of chemistry with her co-stars especially with Yamazaki.

Yamazaki! Again and again, I’m going to emphasize this, Yamazaki, can you take a different role than a chic, cold personality character? In all of his projects that I’ve watched so far his characters are all the same. I sincerely hope he would try different type of role. Widen his acting spectrum. Be iconic. Be great. Be remembered and adored. He is still young and this is the right time for him to try out different types of roles to find that one role that fits him like how latex hugs your skin. I haven’t watched Orange and Wolf Girl and Black Prince though. And, he was good in this drama though.

Miura Shohei‘s gaze every time he looks at Mizaki is spilling with honey. He perfectly portrays a warm, loving person to Mizaki and two of his bros. His chemistry with Kiritani is lacking a lot though LOLOLOLOLOL Thank God they’re not together.

I BECAME A FAN OF NOMURA SHUHEI THANKS TO THIS DRAMA. He’s probably the one whose acting is the most natural compared to his two bros. He nails his jerk and sweet scenes.

Miura Shohei as Chiaki

Nomura Shuhei as Touma

Beautiful shots! I like how polished every scene is. Many scenes taken with the sea at the background. Director totally exploits the beautiful sea and summer. I. Love. It.

It’s light on the outside but if you watch it more Drama is actually deeper than just triangle love story and a jerk guy. It’s about the bros relationship, it’s about dreams and determination to achieve it. Drama is also about sacrifices made by people who love you to protect you. This is one thing that I truly love from Japanese dramas (that I’ve watched so far). Every drama teaches about determination and dreams. And the characters really work hard to make their dreams come true. Japanese dramas really help me to find my lost determination to make some of my dreams come to reality.

Drama starting off with a cute opening of two figurines on a cake Mizaki bakes for a job interview. She fails the interview though. She eats out with her best friend at a restaurant. Next thing that happens, she’s locked inside the restaurant’s bathroom.  A guy helps her out and it turns out to be his first love from school! Chiaki Shibasaki. Chiaki offers a job for Mizaki at his restaurant in Shonan. He also offers Mizaki to live together in Shonan if Mizaki has any problem with transportation.

And Mizaki arrives in Shonan and encounter Chiaki’s younger brother at the beach, Kanata (played by Yamazaki Kento). Not a very pleasant first meeting I’m telling you.

Mizaki arrives at Chiaki’s house, at last! A stranger hugs Mizaki from behind and it turns out to be Touma (Nomura Shuhei). Mizaki then learns that Chiaki is living together with two of his younger brothers. One that turns out to be Kanata, the guy she meet earlier at the beach!

Touma is being all sweet to Mizaki and so is Chiaki. Kanata on the other side, is 180deg different compared to Chiaki. Kanata is very cold towards her and always pisses her off.

Now, as they four start to live together, their story slowly unveils. I like that the plot stays exciting throughout the run. What I dislike is how often Kanata changes his actions/behaviours towards Mizaki. One second he’s all cute and lovely to Mizaki but the next second he turns cold again. He’s definitely the guy behind Katy Perry‘s Hot and Cold. He changes his mood as often as he cooks LOL. And when he’s cold towards Mizaki, he’s really cold that sometimes I call him jerk or cold bastard.

Chiaki slowly realizes his feelings towards Mizaki. He confesses and all. But he’s just one step away from his brother. But the two brothers stay calm as possible. It shows how deep is their relationship as brother.

After a big reveal at the end of episode 6 that break the three bros a part, episode 7 is such a rollercoaster ride. Again, it shows how deep their brotherhood is. They count on each other. They trust each other and help each other. They love each other. No matter what happens brothers stay brothers. Blood is thicker than water, the warmth of family. Drama successfully delivers this message.

The other thing that I like the most from Drama is its humbleness. The character wears clothes that normal people would be wearing. They wear the same clothes few times too. And they dress appropriately according to the season which is summer. Unlike Kdramas, where characters wear branded clothes even though they’re supposed to be poor. Drama definitely explodes with sense of the characters are your neighbors because how casual and humble they dress.

Last but not the least, I want to thank chubba00 on livejournal for subbing the drama. She did it for free and the sub was always up the next day after the broadcast. Thank you chubba00!

Overall rating : 8.5 out of 10
Will I Watch it Again? YES!




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  1. adeenalin
    Sep 15, 2017 @ 14:28:49

    You should try orange tho. I thing kento potrayal as live action lead is the best on that movie compare to his other yet I love his acting in this drama


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