Love, Lies [Review]


I’m giving you a major spoiler here; movie title really lives up to its title. In friendship and romantic relationship, there is nothing more hurtful being backstabbed by those closest to you. This movie tells about this and the aftermath that come because of it. This is Love, Lies review!


Only one word came out of my mouth after I finished watching, beautiful. It is beautiful. Just beautiful. God, I’m repeating myself again. Beautiful music, beautiful sceneries, polished scenes, rich in color, beautiful beautiful costumes. Beautiful. The movie as a whole is beautiful.

The only thing that bothers me is their eyebrows. Why are they so straight and black? But I love how red the ladies’ lips are. Bright red lipstick festive!!!

straighttttttttt eyebrows

straighttttttttt eyebrows

red lipstick festive!!!!!!

red lipstick festive!!!!!!

Love, Lies tells about people who are madly in love but unfortunately they love the wrong person. They hurt someone because of it and it leads to their downfall. This movie’s plot pattern is; love -> betrayal -> greediness + jealousy -> revenge -> regret. With just knowing this pattern I think you can already predict how the movie goes.

No holes in Love, Lies. The three leads are great fit for their respective role. Han Hyo Joo is amazing that I couldn’t hate So Yool’s actions. She is that type of character that you can’t hate but you can’t pity either. She is right in the middle. She just takes revenge because 2 people she trusts the most betray her.

Yoo Yeon Seok (as Kim Yoon Woo) is very great. I actually marathoned 3 movies of his in one day; Mood Of The Day, Perfect Proposal, and Love, Lies. What I noticed from 3 movies is he always gives a distinctive charm to each of his role. He makes it different from one another. He shocks me with his performance in Perfect Proposal. I didn’t know he could nail such role. Then I dived into Love, Lies. He played completely different role here. And he nailed it too. I sincerely hope to see him more in dramas. Please bless my eyes with your acting much more from now on. His lung health must deteriorate after filming Love, Lies. His character smokes a lot in this movie.

Chun Woo Hee (as Yeon Hee) nails her role! Well, that’s pretty much everything I want to talk about her. Literally.

Oh, all three leads worked previously in Beauty Inside. A movie with lots of eye candy ihihi.

This movie proves that anger and jealousy could turn someone’s life around. So Yool is driven by jealousy until the end. Life lesson here, you won’t be happy when you’re full of envy. You could possibly ruin somebody else’s life too.

Plot development is great. Once again, beautifully written. But I do have some issues with it, like I wish it was better. Firstly, I do wish the writer could do something more with Yoon Woo. When we meet his character for the very first time, it seems like So Yool and Yoon Woo have already known for so long. They’re so close already to the point they both talk about proposal and all. He pops out of thin air. Wouldn’t it be better to have a little more story to this character, don’t you think?

I also legit wish the Gyeongmu-jang Chongdok-bu (played by Park Sung Woong) aka So Yool’s sugar daddy had more lines. I wish he could show more of his feeling towards So Yool. From his last few lines it seems like he likes So Yool for who she is. He seems genuinely want to make So Yool happy. He even asks So Yool whether she is angery at him for killing Yeon Hee. This guy likes So Yool for real.

It’s awfully hard to sympathize with Yeon Hee and Yoon Woo because of that they do to So Yool. Yeon Hee is wrong. She knows Yoon Woo is her best friend’s boyfriend. Why the heck does she received Yoon Woo’s kiss. And why don’t they both come to So Yool to say sorry at least. Yeon Hee is thick-skinned enough to meet So Yool and ask her about Yoon Woo. Yeon Hee even said she doesn’t steal anything from So Yool’s life. What So Yool does is horrible. But what Yeon Hee & Yoon Woo do is also horrible.

Yoon Woo

Yoon Woo

The last 5 or 6 minutes, starting from So Yool reading Yoon Woo’s letter, is beautiful and heart-wrenching in the same time.  It is beautifully filmed and edited to wreck our emotions. The flashback + the song at the background so wreak my emotions.

MUSIC (Genie lets you to listen to the whole album for free with free account. Most importantly, since Genie is legal, if you at least stream the songs, you’re supporting the people behind this OST album. Songwriters, producers, distributors, singers)

Beautiful  music pieces. Even without having knowledge of Love, Lies beforehand you can still enjoy the music as much as when you’ve exposed to the Movie. Track no.7 봄날의 꿈 even can pass off as jazz song that comes out only recently. Every single track is so attached to the movie that you can always remember Movie every time you listen to the tracks.

The OST album contains 11 beautiful tracks. Every melody in each song is so authentic. Several songs sound so vintage, so 30s 40s like. Several other sound nice and again as I wrote on the above paragraph, can pass off as music that come out only recently for real.  Every song has its own charm and is beautifully sang. There are 3 people who lend their voices for the OST. They are; Cha Ji Yeon, Han Hyo Joo, and Chun Woo Hee. Cha Ji Yeon plays as Lee Nan Young the singer that So Yool and Yeon Hee idolize.

Cha Ji Yeon sings 6 songs, Han Hyo Joo sings 2 songs, and Chun Woo Hee sings 2 songs. Track no.3 봄 아가씨 (Bom Aghassi) is a duet song sang by Chun Woo Hee and Han Hyo Joo. Cha Ji Yeon also has her own verson of 봄 아가씨 in the album that is track no.8.

I’m really impressed with both of our actresses. They’re not singers but they sing such difficult songs and they sound like professional singers. Especially, I’m very impressed with Han Hyo Joo. She sings the iconic 사랑 거즛말이 (Sarang Gotjimali/Love, Lies) which is the last song played at the last 5/6 minutes of the movie starting when So Yool walking leaving the broadcast station. Ugh, if only I could download them. I really love 사랑 거즛말이. I fell in love with the song from the moment I hear it in the Movie.

Just an advice though, if you want to scare people you can play track no.1 계면조 평거. The first note shocked me really bad when I first listened to it LOL

As a whole, Love, Lies is a beautiful beautiful movie. Give it a shot and you’ll understand why I keep on repeating myself calling Movie beautiful. It is a beautiful movie. It may not be excellent from start to finish, not everything is historically accurate but it is an almost perfect retelling of love that lies. Beautiful movie. Watch it. And call it beautiful afterwards.

Love, Lies is beautiful!

My name is Red and I’m sorry for typing too many beautiful in this post LOL


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