Shopping King Louis [Short Review]


Drama title turned me off at first but I still gave it a shot since it had Seo In Guk in it. the drama truly entertained me. it was refreshing, cute, stress-relieving drama. I had big smile on my face watching all episodes!

Since this is a short review only, I’m going to keep it very simple. I’m still going to cover all points just like in my usual full drama review but in this one I’m going to do it very briefly.

I liked almost everything about Shopping King Louis. Drama was such a healing drama that I stan-ed the characters on spiritual level! First thing first, the acting was great from start to finish. Seo In Guk, hands down, the cutest human being ever exist in the whole entire universe. He fit the character (Louis) so much. I can’t picture Louis being played by someone else beside him. He tailored the character so good and brought the best out of Louis. Everyone who watched Louis couldn’t help but fall for him thanks to Seo In Guk’s flawless, adorable portrayal of Louis.

Seo In Guk as Louis/Kang Ji Sung

Seo In Guk as Louis/Kang Ji Sung

I was new to  Nam Ji Hyun. Shopping King Louis was the first project of hers that I watched. So I had almost zero expectation on her but she was great. She was refreshing in kdramaland. I liked how her accent didn’t really wear out as the episode went on. I liked how relax she was in every scene she was in.

Nam Ji Hyun as Ko Bok Shil

Nam Ji Hyun as Ko Bok Shil

Seo In Guk + Nam Ji Hyun casting was one of the best things that happened in kdramaland in 2016. They matched so well. The chemistry was sizzling!

Second, Yoon Sang Hyun was the cutest! The grunting sound he made cracked me up every single time. I even followed him everytime he did that. Cutest!

Yoon Sang Hyun as Cha Joong Won

Yoon Sang Hyun as Cha Joong Won

Third, the story was the cutest!! It was innocent and fun. The writer packaged the plot in such a great way that in sad moments I hurt and when happy moments I smiled genuinely. The plot was not pure romcom. It had attempt murder, backstabbing, memory loss, and all but writer was great in balancing those elements with romcom elements. I liked how straightforward the plot was. Things moved pretty fast. So many things happened in just a span of 16 episodes.

Louie mukbang show in every episode!!

Forth, the BGM was really witty at times. I liked that Drama didn’t restrict itself from using songs that weren’t in its official OST list. Explore the music universe all music directors in Korea. Exploreeee.

Now the part that I don’t even want to start. The things I didn’t like from the show: Louis’ uncle. Everything he did annoyed the hell out of me. he didn’t appreciate his wife, he went around kissing Louis’ grandma’s ass, and a bastard for trying to get Louis in a car accident. He stole things from Louis because he couldn’t bear the feeling that Louis had more than him. Nuisance.

Let’s just embrace Shopping King Louis. It was love at first sight for me. I liked the first episode right away. Drama really made me feel good after watching every episode. I liked almost everything from this drama. It was like a ball of sunshine in my depressing weekly watching schedule. It was such a innocent cinderella love story.

I strongly recommend Shopping King Louis to everyone. Whether you’re new to kdrama and want some recommendation, try Shopping King Louis. If you need a sweetener in your watching schedule/life in general, try Shopping King Louis. It’s a very good drama from start to finish.

Shopping King Louis gets 10 out of 10 from me! kyaaa

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