No Longer Heroine/ ヒロイン失格 [ Movie Review]


“In this world, we’re all our very own, individual heroine.” – Hatori Matsuzaki (No Longer Heroine)

As someone who didn’t understand the manga, I was very excited to watch the movie when I heard the news. For me, the manga was rather confusing. I liked the artwork because it’s cute and fun. But again, maybe because I was distracted too much when I read the manga or the manga was too difficult for my poor slow brain to process, I ended up not understanding the manga. This means, I haven’t finished the manga. I didn’t know the plot, I didn’t even remember the characters’ names. I only remembered Rita and guess what? I thought Rita was a girl! This is also a proof that I really didn’t understand the manga almost 100%. Plus, in my country Rita is a name for girls. After watching the live action I came to a realization that Rita was the main male lol.

The live action was cute and sweet but also gave a fair amount of heartbreaks. It’s a nice watch for those who enjoy the manga. Now, shall we start? ^^

Mirei Kiritani’s acting was a bit too exaggerated. I get it that she tried to bring the manga  Hatori to life, to portray Hatori just like how the author painted Hatori as a character in the manga. But that didn’t mean she had to copy the character’s facial expression. She was great though. It’s just her manga acting in the first half of the movie really bothered me. It was not her fault though. I’m sure the director asked her to act like that. But still, it bothered me. just because you’re doing a live-action doesn’t mean you have to copy the manga 100%.

One of my reasons why I wanted to watch this is Yamazaki Kento. I’ve been a fan since Death Note and even though his acting in Death Note wasn’t very satisfying I still fell for him. Hard. His acting here was pretty great. I was convinced by his portrayal of Rita. Again, just like on my L.DK review, I’m going to say this again. I want him to step up his game. He’s a talented young man and it’s a pity that the character he’s been playing out so far are all pretty much the same type of guy. I want him to spread his wing and try different kind of roles. He’s already pretty great in here, L.DK, and Death Note so it’s time for him to try different type of roles.

I haven’t read the manga so I can’t point out which one is better between the live action and the manga. I’m just going to review No Longer Heroine as a standalone movie.

As a standalone movie, No Longer Heroine was enjoyable. The story got deeper as we passed the halfway mark. If the first half of the movie turns you off, don’t drop it right away. The second half is better by miles.

Let me talk a little bit about the first half. I couldn’t enjoy the first 57 minutes of this live action. It was a little bit over the top. Like the Hatori and rice scene. Like… what? Like, who in this world eats so messily like that except babies. Also, Hatori turned into a bald girl. Why? Why? Also, Hatori turned into a man. Why? Why? Also, the flying arrows scene. Why?  I get it that they tried to deliver this live action as a live action and tried to show that their resource was the manga with the same title. But again, it was all unnecessary and not funny. It downgraded the story of the first half as a whole.

The movie gave you a fair amount of sweetness and heartbreaks. It also gave you a fair amount of headdesking moments. Adachi was a very irritating character I just didn’t get it. Her intention was to be with Rita but she’s hurting herself and Rita too. Kids, I’m telling you. A happiness you get/have from hurting other people is not happiness. You’ll end up hurting more people and yourself just like Adachi in this movie.

I liked how Nakajima reacted everytime Hatori came to her and said “NA KA JI MA~~~~”. She was so calm!! I could picture myself being in Nakajima position and there’s no way I would react the same way like Nakajima. I would yelled back at Hatori LOL. That’s what kind of a friend I am!

I also liked it that Rita didn’t have hard feelings toward his mother who left him when he was still young. Instead, they got playful.  I found that very heartwarming. I wouldn’t mind if Rita shouting and crying and blaming his mother. But the story made him such a mature teenager and accepted the fact so gracefully. I LOVED IT. It’s pretty rare to find a mature character in this shoujo world so it was really refreshing for me to see Rita accepted his mother easily and not turning all dramatic like kdramas usually do LOL.

I liked how they wrapped this movie. It left us with a great message, that we are our own heroine. Hey, if you’re reading this, just to let you know that you are a heroine!

The cinematography was great. The movie was pretty to watch from start to finish. I liked their location choices especially where they saw sunset. The location was very humble. It’s like somewhere we can find in our neighborhood. But from that simple location, it turned into a very meaningful location for the leads in this movie. I liked how the leads had some kind of emotion attached to the location. It added an extra point to make the location be more beautiful.

I liked the shaky  camera technique they used at some scenes. It gave more human touch to the movie. In some scenes it gave off instability and nervous kind of feeling.

There are 2 major things I liked in this movie, first is the directing and second is the music. The BGM choices were smart. I was very impressed with it. They used subtle music and it really did elevate the atmosphere as a whole. The OSTs were so nice to listen to and I would be more than happy to know the songs and have them played before I go to sleep.

Overall rating :  8 out of 10
Overall comment : It’s a nice movie to kill time. The humor may not sit well with you but it’s definitely sweet and Kento looked great in this T_T
Will I Watch it Again? Yes!!

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