The Beauty Inside/뷰티 인사이드 [ Movie Review]


MY EYES WERE IN HEAVEN!! HANDSOME GUYS GALORE!!! Usually in a movie/drama there’s only 1 or 2 handsome guys, 4 or 5 max lah. But in this one, wait let me count them first. Agh I lost count. There are too many handsome guys! My eyes were in paradise huhuhuhu

My first paragraph sounds like I’m a hardcore handsome and hot guys lover, LOL I’m a woman after all. Anyway, besides heart-throbbing oppas, this movie is actually very enjoyable. It has nice message at the end, true love always stick together. Even though there is one big question mark above my head because literally, I didn’t understand why Yi Soo had to go to see a  psychiatrist. Anyway, let’s just review this. Shall we?

Those oppas weren’t my reason to watch this in fact they weren’t even on my reason list. It was because the trailer was so damn funny.

The story also piqued my interest because it was new to me. I wanted to know how the female lead deal with the problem. So I downloaded the movie right after the INA sub available. Big thanks to TOTORO. He was the first person who released the sub even when the english sub wasn’t available yet. Thank you Totoro!

There are people who say that the plot is similar to David Levithan’s Everyday and yes it’s kind of the same but the production team already clarified that the movie was inspired by that novel. And they only took the he’s-in-different-body-every-time-we-wakes-up-from-sleep idea. But other than that I don’t think the movie adapted any other thing. I’ve only read the novel up to page 2 though (the internet version. That version that you can download for free *cough cough*)

The movie did great in telling Woo Jin’s condition. I got mixed feeling about it tbh. It’s because they did it extremely well. The introduction was damn funny but I also felt bad for Woo Jin. Yi Soo didn’t accepted Woo Jin’s condition right away but it took her some time to finally open up to him and understand him. Yi Soo’s strong denial at first was actually very heartbreaking for Woo Jin. Girl, (errr man??) I felt you! If I were in your position I would feel the same too. It’s also heartwarming that Yi Soo finally understood him and be sincere in their relationship. Yi Soo accepted him for who he was and there’s nothing more beautiful than that. True love always finds its way home aww

The cinematography was so so pretty. Every scene looked so slick. I’m kinda spoiled by great cinematography just like in this movie. Korea movie and drama directors really know how to make me breathless. Even though the director is a new player in the industry but he did great in directing this movie. This movie landed Baek Jong Yeol, the director, an award as Best New Director at the 52nd Daejong Film Awards. This movie also won Best Film Editing award at the 36th Blue Dragon Film Awards. So you can tell just how pretty the cinematography in this movie is.

The plot is kind of forgettable. There’s nothing that’s very stand out about this movie other than the male casts for Woo Jin role LOL. You go and ask random people who watched this movie, ask them what they remember about the movie and their answer will be one of the male casts. Not going to lie. Well, I asked my 4 friends who watched this and they said they didn’t really remember anything other than the male casts for Woo Jin.

BUT, the movie is definitely enjoyable. It’s light and short. It’s not boring and definitely you can sit 2 hours straight watching this without pause-ing. The story is nice and new. You can relate to Woo Jin’s desperateness and feel bad for him. It’s a movie you can watch to kill time. It’s a recommended movie and I give it 8 out of 10!

Ps, there were more than 100 actors who took part in this movie as Woo Jin

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