Blog & Life Updates!!!

FIRST POST IN 2017!!!! I can’t believe I did not post anything the last 2 months. My job kept me away from dramas & movies for quite some time. The worse is, the posts I posted after my “The Man Who Lives In Our House [first impression]” were actually scheduled posts. I had been busy with my real-life work and since blogging and watching are something that I do only for fun so…. I see no fixed commitment in these things. LOL.

Ok, first thing first, Life Updates! Work as an auditor is surely one tiring job. Currently is audit peak season which means my job is very very frustrating at the time being. Leave home early in the morning only to get back home pass midnight, yep, my job everyone. That’s why I ended up straying myself away from k-dramas and movies.

The last drama I watched is The Legend of the Blue Sea. But I HAVE NOT FINISHED watching it. I have like 5 episodes left. I did follow it on weekly basis but my job started to get more demanding I ended up shelving it for weeks already. Another drama that I also used to follow on weekly basis is The Man Who Lives In Our House. I also HAVE NOT FINISHED watching it. The lead characters were starting to fall in love with each other nope nope. It also got pretty draggy from the middle.

Still trying to finish those two dramas and if I can I will try to write my review about the dramas.

Second, Blog Updates! From my review list, I noticed (even though I only gave it a very quick glance) that I watched dramas the most in 2015. Then I decreased the amount of dramas I watched & reviewed in 2016. This is forewarning, I may decrease the amount of dramas on my plate in 2017. Being an auditor is very time consuming. Y’all can go and complain about how your work consumes so much time and energy of your life but you won’t be able to say anything when I tell you about my job. This is one of the two major reasons on why I don’t have much on my watching list.

Second, due to the lack of time I have to sit and watch dramas/movies and to write blog, I will try to compensate it by posting things other than reviews. Those other things are (some are the same like the previous year):

  1. Posting Quote of the Week. This weekly post has been going for almost 3 years already and has distinguished my blog with other blogs.
  2. A Scene to Love and/or Appreciation Posts still will be scheduled.
  3. Updates from magazine photoshoots and/or cover and/or specific person.
  4. Random thoughts about casting news and/or new drama/movie teaser.
  5. Other things that I cannot come up now.

I will try to post at least once every month (excluding Quote of the Week since it’s scheduled). Everyone, please stay with me. I’m not a professional reviewer but I try to be as objective as I can every time I write one. 3 yearS blogging has brought me so much fun and joy. Writing is one of my ways to release stress, just in case you don’t know.

For the 3+ years I’ve been around, thank you!!!

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