Night Light [Dropped]


“Don’t take money lightly. Then, it will be money looking down on you.”   – Seo Yi Kyung (Night Light)

I remember I was so thrilled when I heard Lee Yo Won took part in this project, Night Light. And when Uee was announced to be the leading lady, I was still confident that I could survive the drama for her. Therefore once ep 1 and 2 aired I directly downloaded the raw but ended up shelving it for 7 months now (it was first aired in Nov 2016). I gave it a try last night because I wanted to decide whether or not I should download the rest of the episodes.

This drama is absolutely not for those who can’t stand heavy dramas. The money game was strong right off the bat. I directly knew that the characters in Night Light would be wicked and ruthless. Plot would be covered with dirty tricks, negotiation, and cover ups. A part of me hoped it’d be as amazing as Punch (SBS, 2015). God, Punch raised the bar so high that I always get reminded by it every time I start watching a new heavy drama.

I was in complete awe that Night Light actually made Yi Kyung (played by Lee Yo Won) as a cold-blooded, ruthless and business-genius character. It was very refreshing in kdramaland where like 98% of female characters are portrayed as a weak, less ambitious character. Also, Lee Yo Won totally fit this character so well.

Lee Yo Won – played as Seo Yi Kyung

First of all, the basic premise was promising and refreshing. The cast lineup (excluding Uee) was great. The BGM was on point. But why did I drop it?

Uee was pretty much a miscast here. When you had Lee Yo Won and many other excellent veteran actors, the best actress you could recruit was Uee? Uee’s acting was lacking. I don’t know  how well her acting is since I’m not a fan and the only acting project I’ve watched of her is You’re Beautiful (SBS, 2009) so….. But, me, judging her acting in ep 1 and 2, she was actually okay but still lacking. She definitely needs to practice her acting more.

Now the plot. I know that episode 2 was actually the turning point of Uee’s character, Lee Se Jin, but I couldn’t bring myself to watch the next episode. Maybe the reason why I dropped the drama probably due to the many negative reviews about drama. I don’t usually put people’s opinion into my consideration when watching a drama but I couldn’t help but considered their opinions since this is 20-ep long and I ain’t got time for that especially when most people called it “boring” and when I couldn’t connect to Lee Se Jin when she’s supposed to be the lead female.

The first episode was solid. I’m not going to lie. It was solid. But unfortunately the next episode felt boring compared to the first episode. As several reviews pointed out, the first half was rather good but the second half was anticlimax and weak. Night Light will probably taint Lee Yo Won’s acting resume.

Even though the first 2 episodes sparked my interest I decided to drop Night Light after giving it some thought. I do hope  kdrama industry can produce some excellent business-centered drama in the future though.

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