Woman With A Suitcase [review]


“When you want a lot of thing, you can be scary.” – Ham Bok Geo

Since drama was labeled as law drama, I came to it expecting it to be heavy and complex. But I should have known to not put my hopes too high when there was going to be love line in the script. The drama’s focus was divided between the law cases and the romance which ended up with the story not being exploited to its best potential. Maybe Woman With A Suitcase first intention was never to be one heavy drama. They did try to balance the law aspect with the flirting and all but when you looked at it as one big picture, it just didn’t work.


Choi Ji Woo. I remember reading comments about her monotone acting and pronunciation around 2 years ago but I think she’s always been good in all of her acting projects. No exception in WWAS too. She (read: Cha Geum Joo) could move me when she cried. She made the world a little bit brighter when she was in good mood. Choi Ji Woo was good in WWAS. Pronunciation is crucial for law type of drama but I didn’t know anything about her pronunciation since I don’t understand Korean so let’s just skip it.

Joo Jin Mo. It’s a pity for an outstanding actor like Joo Jin Mo to be stuck with a role that, at times felt like, didn’t suit him. He didn’t fit this Ham Bok Geo role. He didn’t fit a role that required him flirt with Cha Geum Joo and be jealous when she was together with Ma Suk Woo (played by Lee Joon). So every time he flirted with Cha Geum Joo I just cringed real hard. He’s an excellent actor when given an excellent role.

Lee Joon. I think I’ll forever remember his acting in Gap Dong. Even in this drama, I couldn’t help but be reminded of his acting in Gap Dong especially when he’s keeping a straight face. Lee Joon was extremely great in Gap Dong. I personally think he could much better than this. Lee Joon did not impress me, maybe due to the limitation his character had. Unpopular opinion, Lee Joon suits darker project much better.

Jeon Hye Bin. I don’t have many words about her. Something about her acting just didn’t sit right with me. When she got angry she widened her eyes. When she got sad she widened her eyes.

Coming from MBC and took over the 22:00 slot, I was surprised at how dull the video quality was. The editing was crappy at times. Scenes were messily chopped making it hard to relate with what was going on at times. For example, Ham Bok Geo and team were at a stake out. It was at night. Then the next scene Cha Geum Joo and Ma Suk Woo were at the hospital and it was at noon. Sun was shining so brightly outside the window. Then the next scene it was Ham Bok Geo still at their stake out, at night. Also, at the end of episode 7. They chopped the scenes very messily. You guys need to watch it yourself.

I did wish the team put more effort to edit the scenes. You guys took the 22:00 slot, the most famous slot, how could you do your job messily like that. WWAS is competing against Yong Pal to bring home the “Most Crappy Editing” crown.

I was pretty disappointed that the plot was rather light for a law drama. I cringed a lot during the court scene. But the court scene for homeless girl was impressive. It was actually the first case and first court scene that impressed me.

Cha Geum Joo was portrayed as a successful career woman who was also independent and brave. Her journey as a paralegal and as a woman was told beautifully. Drama also portrayed how hard it was to be a cheabol. The drama revolved around that 1 chaebol family. The family happened to be a fucked up family. They were greedy over wealth and fought each other to be the ultimate winner. And because of their fights they ended up leaving messes here and there. And their messes were like 90% the content of this drama.

For the love line… /sighs/. I do think Ham Bok Geo falling for Cha Geum Joo was not properly explained. Out of the blue Ham Bok Geo got jealous with Ma Suk Woo and all. Unlike Ma Suk Woo’s love that was explained slowly and clearly, Ham Bok Geo’s love was explained rather abruptly.

I stick through it to the end for the sake of finishing it. I hate it when I pick up a drama just to drop it. So, most of the time I always try finish it no matter how ridiculous the plot may be. It is not that horrible tbh. It’s just WWAS couldn’t see its actual potential to hit it big. It ended up looked and felt like some random drama that aired on tv. It’s really a pity because the casting lineup was rather brilliant.

Overall rating :  4 out of 10
Will I Watch it Again? Naaaaaaay

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