Defendant was an amazing drama that I kind of hope I could live-watch it. Every episode effortlessly blew me away. A solid watch from start to finish topped with excellent acting, Defendant is a must watch drama and here’s why:


Ji Sung. What can I say about his acting. He owned the character. He made it his own and nailed every single scene he’s in. the filming condition was pretty bad I bet. In many scenes Ji Sung had to film under snow rain. He looked very cold. Often times his ears were very red from the coldness. But she still could deliver an amazing acting.

Every time he remembered Ji Soo and Ha Yeon, he broke me into a million pieces. He totally rocked this role as a desperate father trying to learn the fact that he’s convicted to have killed his wife and daughter. No words needed for his acting. He 100% nailed this role. SBS, you better nominate him for Daesang!

Uhm Ki Joon. He’s a psycho. His character was a sick man mentally and he did an excellent job executing it. I really couldn’t find any other actor who could possible pull of Cha Min Ho role better than him. Cha Min Ho was an evil behind his angel appearance. Uhm Ki Joon’s facial expression also changed whenever he needed to be the good Cha Sun Ho and the evil Cha Min Ho. He did scare me one or two times because of his acting and his very-unstable-Cha-Min-Ho portrayal. One outstanding actor for real.

Kwon Yuri. I’ll be really honest. Episode 1 was very solid and my heart beat so fast amazed by the introductory plot and acting but Yuri broke the flow. I know that the drama focused on Park Jung Woo’s life but wouldn’t it be much better to have a co-star who could actually balance Ji Sung’s force?

Yuri improved a ton compared to her crappy acting in that tragic drama, Fashion King (SBS, 2012). She improved a ton in Defendant. But to have a leading lady who could balance Ji Sung and other actors’ force would be much better.

She did great though. I feel the need to say it again just in case SONEs roast me.

Also, I feel the need to mention this. Cha Min Ho’s “janitor” Kim Seok –played by Oh Seung Hoon, somehow looks like Ji Yoon Ho (Cheese In The Trap, Sweet Stranger).

Oh Seung Hoon

Ji Yoon Ho

Great actors and plot wouldn’t be able to shine to the fullest if the director couldn’t bring it to life. The directing was amazing! I liked that they did not do that shaky camera technique. That technique is overused in kdramaland and it starts to annoy me. Defendant could still very dramatic even without that shaky camera technique. The PD could capture the best of the actor’s facial expression without overdoing it.

Me liked it.

Whew. From where should I start. Defendant’s off with a bang. I liked how the Park Jung Woo was written as an ambitious prosecutor yet a very family-oriented person.

He spent a great time celebrating his daughter, Ha Yeon’s birthday and off to sleep only to wake up at the prison cell. And…… he remembered nothing. He couldn’t remember what happened after he went to sleep the day of Ha Yeon’s birthday. He woke up to the fact that he KILLED his wife and his daughter. Oddly, he also couldn’t remember specific person. It was also the 4th time he lost his memory.

At that point I thought he was under some kind of drugs or hypnosis like that happened to Park Hye Jin’s character in Bad Guys (OCN, 2014). I was confident with my hypothesis. Nothing made more sense other than that. But slowly the plot got unpeeled and I was in awe with how beautifully and layered the plot was.

The constant turning tables and shocking facts kept on popping up here and there. The psychological war between Park Jung Woo and Cha Min Ho was goosebump-inducing.

The innocent people was never innocent in the first place. For example, that shitty friend of Park Jung Woo, Kang Joon Hyuk –played by Oh Chang Suk. He was nothing but a poisonous friend! But Kang Joon Hyuk character building was very great. I couldn’t read him for so many times. He also reflected the reality of this world. When you have many to lose you’ll try your hardest to stay at the top. Kang Joon Hyuk character was also one crucial character in Defendant as a whole. Me liked it!

I was also very impressed with how thick the story was. Defendant is a 18-ep drama but the writer kept everything so packed and full. Not even 1 scene was less great or less important or boring. Every scene was the highlight of the drama. The writer was sure to which direction the drama was going. S/he  fully exploited the story and actors’ acting skill to the fullest. I don’t regret spending 18 hours watching Defendant and another 18 hours trying to move on but still can’t lmao.

Can we talk about the posters????? Below poster and the poster above. I especially love the above poster very much. For me the above poster speaks volumes. Park Jung Woo locked in an punishment cell, sitting on the floor and staring at the window kind of tell us that he’s thinking hard and pitying himself. I love that poster no matter what. Above poster will be listed as one of the best posters in my watching history along with Joseon Gunman (KBS2, 2014) (seriously guys, google Joseon Gunman poster you’ll be amazed).

Below is the second poster that I like. Your regular kdrama poster though but Cha Min Ho’s pose is like looking down the third person, which in this case I interpret this as the law. As we all know Cha Min Ho was a bad person who played with law and thought himself as someone above the law.

Defendant did remind me of Two Weeks (MBC, 2013). A father trying to prove his innocent and to save his daughter. Both dramas shone brightly on their own. None is better that the other. Defendant was one solid drama from start to finish. Very unpredictable. You can’t predict the next move the characters would make. I give it 10 out of 10 for this drama. And also, Defendant made it all the way to my all time favs!!!!!

Red watches TV.

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