Are You Ready for Choi Siwon, guys????

Choi Siwon has just discharged on 3 days ago, which is August 18th, but he’s already confirmed for the upcoming tvN drama called Revolutionary Love aka Byun Hyuk’s Love. So far only the leads have been confirmed. They are Choi Siwon and Kang Sora woohooooooooo!

Quoted from kkuljaem,

“Choi Siwon will play 3rd generation chaebol man named Byun Hyuk. Being a romantic at heart, Byun Hyuk believes in the goodness in people and lives each day happily and comfortably without any clear goals in life.  Growing up as a precious child from a rich family, Byun Hyuk becomes ‘jobless’ to hide his chaebol status and begins living in a studio apartment. Kang Sora will play Baek Joon, who despite being well-educated and hard working, struggles to break into the competitive job market and so she works many part time jobs to support herself. She rents a studio apartment in the same complex as Byun Hyuk. ‘Revolutionary Love’ will premiere this coming October at tvN.” – click here to go to kkuljaem page

I loveeeeeeeee the lineup. I’m a big fan of both and being an ELF for such a long time, I personally want Siwon to gain more and more recognition for his acting. And a romcom drama is a perfect project to capture the heart of the entire nation! Go gain more fans oppa!!

And if you’re worrying about the plot, please don’t. The writer who will helm this is the one who wrote Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Gi. Ms. Temper remains as one of the best dramas in my list. It was full of life morals, cute scenes, hilarious scenes, and heartwarming in the same time too. So please rest assured.

Byun Hyuk’s Love is scheduled to air the first episode on October 14th so make sure to mark your calendar 🙂


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