Bad Guys 2 Dump

When they announced that Bad Guys 2 would have different cast I was truly disappointed. Bad Guys 1 (2014) was phenomenal because not only the story, but also because of the synergy among the casts. They made it very enjoyable from start to finish.

But my disappointment did not last long. The confirmed lineup is looking very promising.We have Joo Jin Moo, Park Joong Hoon, Kim Moo Yul, and Ji Soo. The one who’s taking over Oh Tak Geu (played by Kim Sang Joong in S1) will be Park Joong Hoon. I thought that it’d be Joo Jin Moo because I honestly do not know who Pak Joong Hoon is and I thought Joo Jin Moo was the most senior out of them all. But remember that the storyline will be 100% different. Which is… why?? Why would you franchise Bad Guy name when you actually make a brand new story that has no correlation with the original?

Anyway, I’m a fan of Kim Moo Yul. Forgive my shameless promotional session but, you guys need to watch Kim Moo Yul’s Northern Limit Line. It’s once in a lifetime movie so make sure you watch it. Joo Jin Moo needs no explanation. I was disappointed with his character and acting in general in Woman With A Suitcase (SBS, 2016) so I’m rooting for him in this one. It’s a big opportunity for Ji Soo to work and learn from some of the finest actors in South Korea, so use it to the fullest, son!

As I said earlier, the story will be different. Instead of a crazy detective gathering the most violent criminals and work together with them to solve cases, S2 will be about a prosecutor who works only for justice and a third-year prosecutor (Ji Soo) working in the same office. Which, actually dries out my excitement for the drama a littleeee bit. S1’s plot was so unique and extreme but S2 is kind of mainstream. But we’ll see.

Still no news about what character the rest of the cast will be but maybe it’s only me who doesn’t know. But I’m very excited with Joo Jin Moo’s character. I hope his character won’t disappoint me because I can’t take crappy character given to him twice in a row.

The original writer will helm the S2 but unfortunately the original director won’t. I still can’t forget his amazing directing during Jung Tae Soo (played by Jo Dong Hyuk) fighting scene in ep 7. The scene blows. Me. Away. Every. Single. Time. But no worries. The new director is the one who directed Task Force 38 –another masterpiece from OCN-.

The scene I’m talking about

Despite all the minus points Bad Guys 2 has, I actually cannot wait to watch it. Bad Guys 2 is scheduled to air sometime in December 2017 and will air twice a week 🙂

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