Drinking Solo [review]


“The people you know can be scarier than strangers.” – Park Ha Na (Drinking Solo)

 I did not know the basic premise when I approached Drinking Solo. I only knew the casts but not the plot. And judging from the promotional poster (above) I assumed the drama was about promoting drinking culture. Well, I wasn’t that wrong. The characters drank A TON throughout the drama.

Park Ha Sun. I still remember her in 3 Days (SBS, 2014). She was awfully awkward in the last few episodes. I also remember reading bad critique about her acting. But she was actually great in Drinking Solo! Not even one second I thought she was awkward or lacking. She was natural at most times. Also, her aegyo game was strong!

Ha Seok Jin. Maybe due to his roles, but his acting had always been remembered as robotic in my dictionary e.g. in D-Day (JTBC, 2015) in which his character was cold af. But he always got positive critiques so I thought I was mistaken. Through Drinking Solo I kinda appreciate him more as an actor. Even though Jin Jung Suk was a cold character and put on one same expression but past the midway mark he became extremely cute because of Park Ha Na (played by Park Ha Sun). And, uuuuuuu he was great at this cutesy role. He needs to take on more cutesy role!

The rest of the casts. Each of them was perfect match for their role. I was actually surprised Key was natural and great. His acting didn’t sway even when he needed to act deeper and his character usual self –cheerful.

I’m going to write down my notes from several episodes then I’m going to summarize my thoughts and opinion.

Ep 3 – Prof Min (played by Min Jin Woong)’s impersonation of Signal (tvN, 2016) was the best!! I cracked up everytime he reenacted Park Hae Young.

Ep 4 – Park Ha Na’s drunk scene was so funny. Jin Jung Suk got into drunk Park Ha Na trap and it was so funny. His reaction to her was just gold. And also love sparks started in this episode!

Ep 9 – Park Ha Na’s mood was down the entire episode and it made the episode felt really depressing. I just don’t understand why Ha Na got to be all depressed like that over a guy. She’s usually very optimistic but just because of what Jin Jung Suk said to her, her positivity got ruined. It ruined the whole episode atmosphere.

Ep 12 Jang Do Yeon!!!! Such a girl crush. Also, when Prof Min started crying it was so heartbreaking. It broke me into a million pieces. He did many impersonations maybe because life was hard for him and he didn’t want others to know his pain and also to cheer others. And when he finally broke down into tears he truly broke me into tears too.

Ep 15 – it’s ep 15 already and Premium Trash still acted like a Premium Trash

Alrighttt. So here’s my opinion.

The pilot episode unexpectedly entertained me. DS grew on me quite fast even though it was pretty slow to my liking so I was actually surprised too. I liked how the characters were so different to one another. The supporting characters were also super fun. They added value to the story. Gong Myung (played by Gong Myung) and friends for example. They portrayed the life of youth realistically. Dong Young  (played by Kim Dong Young) was desperate to pass the exam yet Ki Bum (played by Key) could never focus on studying even though he was desperate too.

I liked how cheerful, confident, optimistic, energetic, positive, all the good adjective exist in English vocabulary- Ha Na was. She was very lively. Even when the world rained on her parade she was still all smiley. She also tried to do her best in everything. We need more positive female lead like her –only Park Ha Na’s positive side please. Her negative side was very bad she ruined the whole episode-.

Drama revolved around Koreans’ love for drinking. It’s their culture and I think it’s the main reason why the drama hit so big. Every character drank a ton throughout the drama. But not going to lie, I always looked forward to Jin Jung Suk’s drinking scenes. His drinking scene in ep 16 was so satisfying after several eps without him drinking happily.

Do not forget the high quality food porn shots!!! I dedicated a whole post only for the food shots in DS. Click here to go to the post and your mouth will start watering.

The plot was actually really fun. It started off rather slow but it was addicting. I don’t know about you guys, but the romance. The romance was rather off for me at some points but they looked good together!

Jin Jung Suk kind of forced his way of dating to Park Ha Na which I found annoying?? Ha Na was accepting all of it maybe because it was in their early days of dating. It’s the stage when everything was still pink and butterflies right.

Despite Jin Jung Suk’s chattering about “high quality” his action didn’t reflect that at all. Many times he was irresponsible and so rockheaded. For instance, in ep 16, he left his live lecture just minutes before it went online. He didn’t pick up any calls too. He made the academy whole went into chaos. Ugh. I don’t want to have a friend or colleague like him. He also saw everyone else as someone below him in everything. I don’t understand why Koreans were head over heels for him.

I appreciated that DS didn’t limit itself when it came to Prof Min’s impersonation list, from tvN’s own dramas to other channels’ dramas and even movies. Signal and W (MBC, 2016) were my most favs! I had good laugh thanks to Prof Min.

Ki Bum’s dirori dirori rori was so so memorable. His dirori is the first thing I remember from DS.

Dong Young’s top 5 things to do was very relatable especially buying brand-name clothing. Tbh, when I achieve something remarkable I want to pamper myself with daily life thing to even expensive thing. It actually crossed my mind to by a brand-name item when I got accepted at my current workplace. It’s hard to get in to here you know. And it’s very prestigious to put it on my linkedin profile kkkk

Overall rating :  8 out of 10

DS was a fun ride tbh despite all of the parts that irked me. But I personally think it doesn’t deserve a Season 2. Only my very honest opinion though.

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