Saimdang: Light’s Story [dropped]


I was really excited for Saimdang because, well let’s be honest, Lee Young Ae. The legendary Lee Young Ae would act again after 12 freaking years! Who wouldn’t be excited. Things happened so I missed the live-watch because I was very busy with my real life job and I kinda glad I missed it.

Despite being one of the most anticipated drama -EVER- Saimdang, ended up being a disappointment as a whole (me judging from the reviews on the internet). The drama did not receive spectacular feedback despite being the comeback project of Lee Young Ae. It ended up like some other drama by some random actress. It’s saddening because Saimdang was Lee Young Ae’s first acting gig after 12 years but it only received lukewarm review.

But I too, can’t lie. Drama was lackluster to hold Lee Young Ae brand. I did not finish the series. I watched up to episode 4 and decided to just drop it. Public’s opinion contributed a lot to my decision though.

There are several things I want to point out that led to my decision. Firstly, the image quality. Despite the $20 million investment, production house couldn’t afford to provide HD video quality. The image somehow looked tacky. The cloudy filter was just not great to start with.

Each episode was 60 minutes long but it felt like it was 90 minutes. It means drama sucked at keeping the viewer excited. Oops.

Episode 1 felt especially so so long. It was damn packed with a lot of stuffs and felt a little suffocating. The same went with episode 2. So many things happened to Seo Ji Yoon in just a span of 1.5 hours. I do agree that the first 2 episodes are crucial for the rest of the episodes but Saimdang did it in the wrong way. Sometimes it’s better to slow down your pace a little bit so that it won’t kill you. Episode 1 and 2 were just too much to handle for me.

Episode 3 and 4 were actually okay for me. It wasn’t too packed unlike episode 1 and 2. Episode 4 did actually made me a bit uncertain of my decision to drop Drama. Especially the mystery behind the real 금강산도. Trust me, I did google the painting but Painter An Gyeon did not paint 금강산도. The folk Geumgang painting I found was from a painter named Jeong Seon and he named his painting as “금강전도”. 금강산도 in Drama –real and fake- were painted by Painter Jang Byeong Un.

Painter Jang Byeon Un

Painter Jeong Seon’s 금강전도

After several  considerations I decided to drop Drama for good. Drama was actually quite ok up to ep 4 so if you hate it up to ep 2, ep 3 did pick up. So give it a try.


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