Fight My Way [Short Review]

FIGHT MY WAY [short review]

“It isn’t cool to act tough when you want to cry. It’s cool to cry when you want it.” – Go Do Man

Where to even start?! I picked this up during one of my lowest point in life this year and I’m glad I picked it up at the right moment. Every episode was a healing for me.

It might look like a regular cheesy romance drama but Fight My Way was a drama about dreams and how the characters fought hard for their dreams. FMW taught us to be brave to go after our dreams even though it may look impossible to achieve. I liked how Ae Ra (played by Kim Ji Won) kept her dream alive after so many years and actually worked hard to achieve it. Do Man (played by Park Seo Joon), too, after finding his long lost motivation, he worked hard to be at the place where he should be if he didn’t give up 10 years ago.

FMW hit me hard. It was like asking me what my real dream was. Every episode I got reminded of my childhood dream that I had to give up because my parents did not let me take that as my major in university. It was devastating. I kind of gave up with everything that time. To think that I had to cope with numbers for the rest of my life scared the hell out of me that time. So it was nice to get reminded of my old dream while watching FMW.

FMW was a human drama after all. Not only tickled about dreams but also human relationship and greed. Like, everything was portrayed and told realistically. I really liked how Coach Jang Ho lingering desire for Do Man to pick himself up. He played a big part of Do Man’s realization of his long lost passion. Also, don’t forget their love-hate relationship!

The romance came out realllllllllllly natural. I was nervous how they would end up together since Ae Ra and Do Man were best friends of 22 years. But the writer matched them very naturally. I liked how their romantic relationship progressed slowly without being painfully slow.

But I think Kim Ji Won and Park Seo Joon played a big part in making Ae Ra-Do Man relationship so sweet. They were like perfect match made in heaven. They complimented each other and their acting was top notch. They really looked comfortable with each other and that made their on-screen chemistry sizzling. I’m relatively new to Kim Ji Won but I can safely say this, she rocked this role.

The cinematography! I liked how polished every episode was. The transition from one scene to the next one was done smoothly. One thing tho, that shaky camera technique was abused in this drama. The technique did not fit the scene atmosphere most of the time too. It only came our really annoying.

Overall, FMW was a great watch from start to finish. Great character and story development. It was a sweet and fluffy drama. Give it a try and you won’t regret it.

Overall score : 9 out of 10
Will I rewatch it? YES!!

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