What a ride! I was rather skeptical about drama at first because the plot is almost overused in kdramaland. Thankfully I was worried for nothing. Live Up To Your Name, Dr. Heo was different from other dramas that shared the same premise, say Rooftop Prince, Faith, Queen Inhyun’s Man. I’m a fan of both leads; Kim Nam Gil (as Dr. Heo) and Kim Ah Joong (as Dr. Yeon Kyung) so even though I was not pleased with the initial plot but I gave it a try. And BOOM! I didn’t know drama would be so much fun!

Acting (whaaaaat? Is there any comment about this one?)
Kim Nam Gil. He’s slaying the role! He could actually nail this type of role. I was so used to his tough-guy image because his roles were 90% of the time like that. It was really fun to see him in refreshing role in this drama as Dr. Heo. Him being all goofy and silly was the best! He was the best, your argument is invalid.

Kim Ah Joong. The same with Kim Ah Joong! He last few projects she took was all dark and heavy (Punch, Wanted) so it was reallllly nice to see her take this kind of role once in a while. They both were overflowing with chemistry! I actually noted that she was the best with sad scenes. She always tore me apart every single time when she cried in this drama. Her expression did all the work.

Plot, editing, whatever it is
The plot was perfect! It balanced the funny aspect and serious aspect perfectly. And the most important of all, it was really exciting. Not even one scene was boring. The story unpeeled slowing without being painfully slow.

Drama was great at building up the atmosphere. Like, I got really curious about the man who appeared in Yeon Kyung’s memories, how Minister Heo knew Yeon Kyung, and many more. Many of them were predicted though. But it did not strip away my excitement at all.

Drama also taught us one moral story that is to go and do what our heart wants. Yeon Kyung went after her dream to be a surgeon to “revenge” her grandfather. And she became one of the best in Shinhye Hospital. Heo Im gave up his happy life with Yeon Kyung to go back to Joseon to save people. I was very moved with Heo Im’s decision. Not an easy decision at all but he took all of the risk to save lives, even to do so he must sacrificed his own happiness and safety.

The editing was gold! Drama was supposed to be a serious drama but oftentimes the editing made drama like comedy drama. The BGM was really witty. As a whole, the editing took drama to a whole different level.

Highlight episodes
Ep 2-6 were pure gold. Heo Im tried to adjust into his new life was no match with any other.

Very exhausting ep 10 and 12. I cried a lot during those 2 eps. I don’t even understand why. It was just heavy for me.

Their date in ep 14 was heartbreaking. I didn’t know that a dating scene would be so much heartbreaking.

Ep 16 because…. it’s episode 16.

As a whole, drama was a fun watch from start to finish. It taught a lot about human greed and desire, dedication and sacrifice. It was a very good drama to watch when you’re looking for a romcom or just a drama to kill time. I give it a solid 9.5 out of 10!

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