a lil chat!

A lil chat!

It’s getting hard to write full review since lately I write review after months of finishing the drama. Because of it, I naturally forget most of the details and go with everything that I still remember. It’s bad, I know. I’m trying my best to always write full review but I have many limitations now let’s say time, motivation, resource, and my life in general. It’s also getting hard to keep up with new dramas. Let alone my already-piled-up-dramas-that-need-to-be-watched. As I get older I learnt that the adulthood life is different than what I expected. My job is one clingy job. What I mean is, even on the weekend I still open my office laptop and work. I also need to socialize myself yknow. So I have littleeee time to watch dramas. And, write reviews.

I dropped a big amount of dramas due to time limitation. Let’s say, Suspicious Partner, The King Loves, Ruler, The Empress of China. Dropping dramas is not always bad. I mean, you become pickier. You save time and energy. It’s a good thing.

Motivation. I’ll be really honest. I kind of lost my motivation to watch dramas since around September/October 2016. My job contributed a lot to be honest. But most of all, it’s the lack of dramas that sparked my interest. Great dramas were produced from Sept ‘16 until now, of course. I watched several of them and still amazed (Seven Days Queen, Fight For My Way, While You Were Sleeping, etc), but to watch the drama it took me much longer time than any of you would take. Let alone writing the review.

I’m so behind now. Even if I want to catch up, I won’t be able to. Another peak season for audit is starting soon. As an auditor, I won’t be able to watch any dramas until the peak season ends. For my case, it’s April. To be honest I want my peak season to be lot longer.

Resource. Have I told you that I do not have wifi at home anymore because the wifi provider I used to used sucked. My portable modem also decided to give up. I can download dramas, yeah, tethering using mobile data. But the price for mobile data is expensive?? So I can only count on my friends to download things for me lmao.

Life in general. As I get older I learnt to appreciate things no matter how small it is. I find it more healing to just sit and stare at my succulent collections while sipping my tea. I mean I can do it for hours. Succulents are beautiful yknow. Which means, I do more activities now than just watching dramas. I also highly enjoy reading books now. Reading, sometimes it takes up so much time.

All of above, answer the question of why my blog is really dusty the last several months. I always try to keep the blog updated. I started the blog with so much love and inspiration. Blogging has been a part of me for six years already. And watching dramas has been a part of my life for much much longer than that. These two things really made me happy at one point in my life and will always be. I’ve never seen writing a review, keeping the blog updated as a burden. This is what I chose to become happier at that time. I chose to start this blog to fulfill my dream to have my own blog.

I won’t be closing down this blog but there’s high potential that I won’t be able to update this blog as much as I used to back in 2015/6. I may even update the blog lot seldom than I did during 2017. It’s crazy but I won’t be giving this up. This blog is like a staple for me to remember how crazy excited I was 6 years ago when I first created this blog lmao.

I will always try to give yall better review and content quality. This is actually one of my many 2018 resolutions. For any of you who stick with me so far, thank you! The blog is really dusty but I know you visit once in a while. The static doesn’t lie hahaha. Lastly, happy new year everyoneeeeeeeeeeee~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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