A Visitor. “Meeting someone in life is actually something astonishing. That’s because he brings himself with his past, his present, and his future. That’s because someone’s whole life comes along.”
(Poem Collection: The Island)

If you think contract marriage plot is silly, hold your horses. Because This Is My First Life was about a woman named Ji Ho (Jung So Min) who got into a contract marriage with Se Hee (Lee Min Ki) due to her circumstances. She was an assistant drama writer who finally got to do her own gig but things happened and she decided to ditch her gig and stop being a writer all together. She ended up agreeing to this contract marriage. Because of this marriage, she ultimately learnt that she loved her contract husband for real.

It may sound cheesy and cringey but Drama was far from it. Instead, it felt like you’re very familiar with the plot because of its very relatable connections to our daily lives. This is the very charm of Drama. A drama doesn’t need to have high production cost, star-studded lineup or secret marriage to stand out. All it has to do is touch our emotion and we’re sold –well, at least for me. Drama nailed this part since ep 1.

I’m a fan of Jung So Min and extremely satisfied with her performance in Drama. Not only she pulled off the innocent side of Ji Ho, but she also pulled off the darker side of her.


Lee Min Ki. Such a long time since last I saw him. I’m glad that his small screen comeback was a big success. Se Hee was an irritating character especially in first few episodes. Lee Min Ki somehow succeeded in making his character a lovely and… lonely one. His pain of being left alone resonated to us.

Special Shoutout! Bravo to Esom (played as Soo Ji). She didn’t leave much impression in Like for Likes (Korean movie, 2016) but in Drama Esom looked so polished as an actress. A total girl crush. Great performance from start to finish.

Not even one second was wasted. Every episode was the best episode. I liked everything from the plot. It was mainly written based on relatable daily lives problems. In this case, Drama focused more on marriage topic. One excellent point brought up by Drama, Won Seok (Kim Min Suk) wondered whether love and marriage were the same thing. People in real life also seem confused of this too. “All love must be brought to the aisle.” It’s not that simple, people. Marriage is a sacred thing. It’s a process where 2 families become 1. You can love someone so bad but having only love can’t guarantee marriage.

The romance between Se Hee and Ji Ho came really naturally! Their relationship was a fruit of trust and good communication. Their parting was the most heart breaking part of their story. Another excellent point brought up, “heart is always faster than words.” This implied to Se Hee’s situation. There was moment where Se Hee finally opened up his heart to Ji Ho. But instead of telling Ji Ho that he also liked her, he kept it to himself. Ji Ho was just like any other person. She was tired already having to put up with the walls Se Hee built.

The storyline was relatable and humble. I also liked how they built the story slowly making me so invested on every single character in Drama. The side characters and their love line were equally heart fluttering as our lead couple’s.

I think that the narrative at the opening and ending of every episode also took a huge part in making us understand the characters’ situation better. Their sadness, their frustration, their happiness. Sometimes the narrative was heartwarming and sometimes it’s heart wrenching .

For the characters, I truly adored Ji Ho’s character. She was bold, brave and able to vocal-ed her every opinion clear and loud. She wasn’t afraid to take risks and be different. I truly adored Ji Ho~~~ Se Hee on the other side, your regular J-drama male lead tho lmao. If you get what I mean.

Room 19.
A favorite novel of Ji Ho was about a married woman who booked a hotel room for herself in moments when she wanted to be alone. As you become a married couple, you barely have time for yourself. You share everything with your spouse, your living space, your bed space, your time, your thoughts. Sometimes you can’t show your true emotions fearing that might ruin the good foundation you’ve built on your marriage. Sometimes you need your own space to just be alone and content. I truly like this element of the story. A good thing that Drama brought this topic up.

The poem- A Visitor
I think Drama is the first drama (that I know and remember) that incorporated poem into the plot and actually made it an important dialogue/part of the plot. The poem itself is beautiful. I mean,

“Meeting someone in life is actually something astonishing. That’s because he brings himself with his past, his present, and his future. That’s because someone’s whole life comes along.”

The poem is beautiful and has deep meaning itself.

Room 19 philosophy and A Visitor really have strong connection to our daily lives, especially when you’re a married couple. Very charming part of Drama.

One of the most enchanting OST lineup sin 2017. The OST meshed very well with the plot. The setlist compromised of outstanding pieces so even when you don’t watch Drama you’ll still fall in love with OST. My personal fav is Moon Seong Nam’s This Life. A perfect ballad to accompany the plot.

Kdramaland was dominated with legal and detective dramas in 2017 so it was nice to have a remarkable slice-of-life type of drama like Because This Is My First Life. Powered by brilliant casts and relatable stories, Drama deserves a solid 10 out of 10 from me. Definitely one of my top 2017 drama recommendations. Watch it if you haven’t and you’ll be baper once you do! 🙂


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