Meloholic [Short Review]

Meloholic [Short Review]

“You don’t cry because you’re weak. You cry so that you can survive. So what I mean to say is, it’s all right for you to cry. You need to cry to shake things off.” – Yoo Eun Ho (Meloholic)

Short review because I do not have any motivation to do full review.

Bizarre. That word sums up my thought of Meloholic. I knew I shouldn’t have high expectation since Drama was a romance drama from OCN. Drama was the second romance drama OCN tried to pull off. Drama was better than My Secret Romance, in term of acting and creativity. But My Secret Romance was more addicting than Drama. Drama failed to engage me to watch its episodes with excitement. I put Drama on shelf for months because I was extremely lazy to finish it. I felt like I spent an hour uselessly when there were many other great dramas waiting to be watched.

But, my friends all enjoyed Drama and praised it. I thought with watching all 10 episodes I would understand and get its charm point. I guess I was wrong? Because Drama will be remembered as one of the boring dramas in my list.


I found the plot weird at first. A nerd who just got dumped by his girlfriend and got struck by lighting. He gained a superpower because of it. He could read women’s thoughts when he touched them. Bizarre. Why a lighting gitu? And a random guy hit his head with a brick also.

Eun Ho (played by Yunho) character was built nicely. He got so much exposure. On the other side, we did not get much information about the lead female, Ye Ri (played by Kyung Soo Jin) until the later episodes. It almost felt like one man show for Eun Ho.

The plot actually moved fairly fast. Eun Ho already fell in love with Ye Ri on episode 3. But still no clear information why she suffered dual personality up to here.

I almost gave up finishing this because the writing got really lazy. Then episode 8 happened! Episode 8 was full of twist and when Ju Ri came out it all suddenly got crazy exciting. But the excitement was only carryforward to episode 9. The final episode (10) was just so-so. I skipped several minutes too.

Something I must address
Yunho looked awkward in many scenes especially when he smiled/looked at Ye Ri affectionately. I get it that he needed to be as affectionate as possible but sometimes you do not have to smile so widely like that. He was cringy. The plot did not help him at all.

Also, the motorcycle kiss was stupid af!

In overall
If we take out the romance, it’s basically the same typical OCN drama. And dear OCN, just stick to noir dramas.

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