While You Were Sleeping [short review]

While You Were Sleeping [short review]

“There are cruel moments you never want to encounter in life. And those cruel moments are always preceded by choices that brought them about. And those little choices come back as regrets and haunt us later on in life. If we can alter those seemingly insignificant choices, we might be able to prevent such cruel moments.” – Nam Hong Joo (While You Were Sleeping)

2017 was surely an iconic year for dramas. Great dramas were constantly on television all year around. One of those great dramas (that I’ve watched of course) is While You Were Sleeping. Drama was very appealing from start to finish. The complex and interconnected plot was great. It almost gave me no time to catch my breath. Intense. Brilliant.

This was the most laid back role for Lee Jong Suk so far –in my opinion. Jae In was the role in which I could see his real life self (that is clumsy and just him being extremely cute in overall? Lol)

Suzy. A sweetheart! She improved from the last project of hers I watched, Uncontrollably Fond and that is a good news! But I do think she was extremely lacking in crying scenes. She definitely can step up her game.

Lee Sang Yeob (that trashy lawyer). He sent chills to my bones. He actually nailed this antagonist role. He always had this sweet, nice guy vibe on him so I did not think he could pull of this role. But I was wrong! He was extremely scary in Drama. Two thumbs up!

Drama was very beautiful visually. Not only the casts but the cinematography too! Spoiled by crisp shots and various camera angles, sometimes dramatic shots. It was a feast to the eye.

Drama was not only about the leads trying to save people’s lives. It was also about being brave to face your fear. Even though Hong Joo knew the bad thing that would happen to her in the future, she kept going forward and faced it. There were times she was down and hesitant, but she did not completely stopped chasing after what she wanted to do.

The story progressed quite fast and not even a second was wasted. The plot was full of twists and unexpected turn of events. It was reallllly polished. It always kept me at the edge of my seat. It gave off the right amount of thriller, suspense, fun, sweet, and quirkiness.  I liked that they kept the balance between the suspense aspect and fun aspect throughout the run. Drama truly deserved the hype it got prior to airing.

The story of the past, present, and future was the most unique point of Drama. The story was also stable and the focus was unwavered until the end.

I also liked that Drama did not push the love triangle thingy which is quite rare in kdramaland. I was actually thankful for that because if they decided to do that, the focus would be scattered. The solid foundation they had built would become a joke and Drama would be remembered as another love triangle drama with supernatural story added.

It truly deserved the hype it got prior to airing. The story was strong and unique. The writing was tight and clever. The casts did an excellent job. The ost were lovely. One great drama to be remembered for a long long time.

Overall rating :  10 out of 10
Will I Watch it Again? YES YES

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