Woman of Dignity [review]

Woman of Dignity [review]

“Life truly is a war. To someone who wanted peace, and to someone who wanted satisfaction. A war could not be avoided.” – Park Bok Ja (Women of Dignity)

Woman of Dignity (WD) was makjang. A low status woman rise up in social rank by marrying an old chaebol, sons and daughter who only cared about money, love affair here and there. There were surely so much going on in the span of 20 episodes. Even though it was makjang to the max it was pure enjoyment from start to finish. WD was packaged and marketed as a classy makjang that didn’t make it look like a cheap drama.

The narrations and dialogues were rich. Most times it resonated with real life on spiritual level. So many quotable lines from WD and you can look forward because I will be posting them as Quote of the Week for many weeks ahead.

Thoughts on plot and acting
Even though affair and the murder element kinda clouded our vision, it actually had always been a drama about human greed. Human greed is surely one scary thing. Just like Park Bok Ja (played by Kim Sun Ah) being a wicked woman to climb up the social ladder to change her life. She reached the top but she realized she wasn’t happy and comfortable with her own self and again, she wasn’t satisfied with her life. She realized she didn’t want to be rich but she just wanted to be like Woo Ah Jin (played by Kim Hee Sun). Have you ever been in Park Bok Ja’s position? You wanted to have a life of someone else.

Well, it’s understandable that Park Bok Ja wanted to be like Woo Ah Jin. Woo Ah Jin was such a sweetheart. She was too kind for this world. It was suffocating sometimes because she was very kind to others. But even so, she wasn’t afraid to turn her life around. She was a bold, intelligent person. She would be perfect if she wasn’t that kind to Park Bok Ja.

From start to finish, WD was never a drama about affair(s) or money fight. Greediness was all over the script from episode 1. I truly applaud the writer to be able to package this heavy main focus to be as addicting as this and not a suffocating one. Even though the writer threw in many different things along the way but the goal was clear from the start.

Park Bok Ja wasn’t the only one who’s pictured with greed but other characters too. Pung Sook, Cheon Bang Soon, Yoon Seong Hee, the fool sons and daughter, the cheaters. They had different type of desire and wants from Bok Ja but were all categorized in the same group with Park Bok Ja.

Despite being a total makjang, plot was surprisingly well thought. Well of course they had to since they had 2 powerhouses on the job. The writer knew exactly when to make it dramatic and when to make it mild and fun. The diversity of the characters, the character development, their quirkiness, all of them helped WD to shine even more.

Park Bok Ja played by Kim Sun Ah

Woo Ah Jin played by Kim Hee Sun

I was impressed that the writer could divide Woo Ah Jin and Park Bok Ja’s screentime and story equally. Both shared the same amount of importance to the story and none shadowed the other one. I think we were all afraid how WD would fit the story of 2 female leads in one drama especially when they are Kim Hee Sun and Kim Sun Ah. 2 excellent actresses the whole nation love so bad. But the writer, director and team proved us wrong. We were worried for nothing.

For the acting department, should I really speak on this? We all know how amazing the casts were. Both female leads were on fire. Every. Single. Time.

Kim Hee Sun was the perfect choice to play the classy, elegant, rich family daughter in-law Woo Ah Jin. Elegance was embroiled on her every gesture. I like how she (and Kim Sun Ah too) delivered a wide spectrum of emotions throughout the run. One of the many satisfying scenes of hers was her calling Seong Hee “Ya, mistress!” in episode 14. It was the first time she raised her tone when talking to Seong Hee. How she said her words really sounded like she looked down on Seong Hee but still didn’t lose her dignity.

Kim Sun Ah as Park Bok Ja was bursting with so much force. How she played 2 different sides of Pak Bok Ja in the first few episodes blew me away.  And I adored her crying scenes!! She really poured out her tears and couldn’t mutter up her words properly. That’s what happens when you truly crying out. Her sobbing sounded really real. I was in awe every time she cried. Park Bok Ja had so many iconic scenes from many different range of emotions but what gave me the most goosebumps was from episode 3. Park Bok Ja and Park Joo Mi (played by Seo Jung Yeon) face-off was intense. When Joo Mi slapped Bok Ja was very satisfying. All of the frustration built up from the previous 2 episodes was finally paid off. But when Bok Ja got back to Joo Mi she looked extremely scary. The BGM also fit perfectly. That one scene truly gave me goosebumps as if I was watching a thriller drama. It’s one simple act though but Kim Sun Ah’s tone and gesture were very intimidating.

Shoutout to Park Joo Mi. Before she lost herself and fully dedicated her time to “kill” Park Bok Ja, she was my girl crush actually. She radiated with such vibe that a chaebol had. Cold and low tone of voice, intimidating stares and act. It’s such a shame that her character turned out like that. But Seo Jung Yeon did such a great job in portraying the weak and helpless Park Joo Mi.

Park Joo Mi played by Seo Jung Yeon

Lee Tae Im (as Yoon Seong Hee) was lacking compared to other casts. Jung Da Hye (as Oh Kyung Hee) too. But since she relatively had less screentime let’s just pass her on this one. Her scenes with Kim Hee Sun really showed that she stil lacked in presence and acting as a whole?? That’s the impression I got from her. Like, her facial expression was almost the same throughout the show. Go and check it out. For most scenes she had that bitchy look on her that sometimes didn’t fit the scene vibe.

Yoon Seong Hee played by Lee Tae Im

The Wardrobe!!
This drama truly lived up to its characters’ social class. All of the characters especially the women were dressed in such diverse and great fashion style. I personally adored Woo Ah Jin’s styling the most.

I actually posted a specific blog post for this. Click here to go to the post 🙂

The editing in episode 19 was rather choppy for me. It jumped from one situation to another pretty abruptly. I couldn’t get the timeline few times because it continuously went back and forth. It got better in episode 20 though. But it’s just a shame they built up the story and editing reputation so good for the past 18 episodes only to blew it all away in episode 19.

In Overall
As a whole, WD was a very addicting drama due its makjang-ness and relatable plot of human greed. One great drama to enjoy during your holiday or during the weekend. Just make sure to always breathe deeply when you feel like you want to kick your laptop because the bitches frustrate you so much. Really, you need to practice your breathing for WD lol.

I give WD a solid 9 out of 10. It was definitely my favorite drama but unfortunately WD couldn’t be added to my all-time favorite dramas list. But it’s still one of my most enjoyed 2017 dramas!

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