Noona Who Buys Me Food (dropped)

This review was written after the airing of episode 14 in Korea

Noona Who Buys Me Food or also called Something in the Rain garnered a lot of attention prior to its airing. It’s Son Ye Jin (the noona, Yoon Jin Ah)’s small screen comeback since Shark (KBS2, 2013). It’s also the rising star Jung Hae In (played as Seo Jung Hee)’s first leading role.

It created buzz here and there for its heart fluttering couple and acting. Unfortunately after several weeks the buzz just died. A very unfortunate case. I only started watching it after the buzz died so I knew the story would go downhill but I still gave it a shot because of Son Ye Jin. And also because everyone has their own preference, I may or may not like what other people like.

I, somehow, managed to finish 4 episodes. It actually surprised me how people are still watching the 14th episode. I mean, it’s boring. It’s saddening remembering the leads’ name value and skills.

When they first put out news about the casting I was head over heels. Not a fan of Jung Hae In but he was great in While You Were Sleeping (SBS, 2017) and as a regular woman I like handsome guys *me internally laughing*. I’m a big fan of Son Ye Jin’s movies. From all of her movies I’ve watched none of them is disappointing so I thought I could trust her on this one too. Not going to lie, I’m disappointed with her choice this time.

Drama was excellent visually, not only the leads’ visuals but also the cinematography and editing. The scenes had this warm tone to it and I really liked it. The shots were nice and crisp. But that’s it.

This post is 100% subjective. This is my point of view. Several things that didn’t sit well with me that made me dropped this drama are as below:

  1. The BGM
  2. The clingy ex-boyfriend
  3. The mother
  4. The plot as a whole

The BGM. Maybe Drama tried to aim to have that classic Europe kind of feel but it did not fit with the atmosphere of the drama in my opinion. I think it’d be more fitting to just have a song with Korean lyric played as BGM. The English speaking song just felt awkward.

The clingy ex-boyfriend. Shall we call him as the world’s worst type of ex-boyfriend? It also frustrated me how Ji Na was too kind to him. Several times Lee Gyu Min (played by Oh Ryong) crossed the line but Ji Na let it slide.

The mother. Shall we also give her title too? The world’s worst type of mother. Ji Na’s mother (played by Kil Hae Yeon) actually acted like your typical Asian mothers. Always nagged Jin Ah bout how she should lead her life how she should date a guy how she should stick to Gyu Min even though he cheated on her.

The plot as a whole. It moved at awkward pace for me. It wasn’t too slow nor too fast. It was just…. boring?  The plot development wasn’t exciting too. Yes I do agree that their some phase was heart fluttering. I mean the shy gestures, quick glances, awkward speeches, and all. Other than that nothing that I could actually root for. Not even their love line.

Again, it was too boring for my liking. It was all over the place.

I know I sound like I really hate Drama but trust me, I used to be very very excited with its airing. I even posted Drama dump back in March something I seldom do. Again, the content of this post is 100% subjective. So maybe you have different opinion and it’s all okay. Being a drama viewer is all about different opinion and perspective.

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