Chief Kim [review]

Chief Kim [review]


“Life is full of variables and surprises. Don’t be afraid. Whatever comes, do not break down.” – Chief Kim (Chief Kim)

I finished watching Chief Kim around 2 months ago and just have the chance to review it now. Many details may have been forgotten.

After Misaeng (tvN, 2014), Chief Kim (KBS2, 2017) proved once again that an office drama with romance at all could still draw in an impressive viewership. What a perfect office drama that sometimes it related so much to the actual office life.

Chief Kim was superbly portrayed by Namgoong Min. Noone can come close to his portrayal. His chemistry with everyone was pure gold. He and Nam Sang Mi were like oreo. Each presence completed each other.

they were like oreo~~~~

Along with Namgoong Min, Lee Jun Ho shocked me. For Namgoong Min I was shocked that he actually could act this silly. For Lee Jun Ho I was shocked because he could actually act! I’m that type of person who, up until now, underestimate idols who do acting. Just the other day I bad mouthed this one idol for ruining the already ruined drama –I’m this severe. But Jun Ho totally slapped me. He was great!

Seo Yool played by Lee Jun Ho

Special shoutout to Im Hwa Young. Maybe it’s due to her character, Gwang Sook, but everytime she showed up on screen she was so lovely. I’m impressed by her nasal voice. People who speak nasally are annoying but Im Hwa Young somehow managed to sound cute instead!

Gwang Sook playd by Im Hwa Young

Everyone put forth a stellar performance. I was extremely impressed by everyone’s acting.

Chief Kim was about an accounting expert who used to manage gangsters’ money. He got accepted at TQ Group as Business Operation Chief. Little did he know he was used by the Company’s director, Seo Yool, to do accounting fraud. Chief Kim determined to change. He decided to uncover the dirty accounting fraud TQ Group had been doing for years.

Chief Kim played by Namgoong Min

The basic premise wasn’t original but Drama felt fresh and different. Maybe because of the quirky Chief Kim. This character was out of this world. He was weird but not excessively weird.

The plot actually could be boring to some people especially since it was alllllll about business politics with no romance. The drama centered heavily on the corruption of top management of TQ Group from start to finish. So it also felt repetitive from time to time. I, did too, felt tired watching it. It felt like, “uh this one happened before, right?” when it didn’t. Because basically business politics are all like that, they laundry the same trick over and over again. Drama also had some inside jokes that sometimes I couldn’t understand. But other than that Drama was great.

The characters were cleverly thought. I think the character with the most notable development was Chief Kim. He went from a guy who pickpocketed gangsters’ money to accidental Mr. Righteous to the actual Mr. Righteous. It was fun watching his character mature. Other most notable character was Park Myung Suk (Dong Ha). He was your regular spoiled heir who knew nothing but spending his money on girls. He changed for the better after facing the most crisis phase in life (LOL) and actually saved TQ Group and its employees too.

I liked that every character was equally important. For example, how every member of Business Operation division helped Chief Kim to solve problems. How CEO Yoo Sun (played by Lee Il Hwa) had her CEO power to backup Chief Kim and Business Operation members. How Seo Yool fanned the fire. How Myung Suk came to rescue.

CEO Yoo Sun played by Lee Il Hwa

The girls here were different compared to other kdramas. Each of them was independent and intellectual. They helped Chief Kim to achieve -his and their- goals with their own ways. Like Yoon Ha Kyung who even did the fieldwork job, Gwang Sook who went around the Accounting Division to gather information, Hong Ga Eun who provided sensitive information to the team, and others. Too many characters and yet every one of them was great and had their own highlight.

Drama also emphasized that their achievement was due to their own effort. Their achievement didn’t happen due to Chief Kim alone. Every single of their achievement was made possible because they worked hard for it. Teamwork really played crucial part.

Business Operation team members + Myung Suk

The bromance!! Chief Kim basically had bromance with almost male character in Drama. The most notable ship was Chief Kim with Seo Yool, people said. But for me it’s him with General Manager Choo (played by Kim Won Hae). General Manager Choo was like a father figure for him but the next second he could be Chief Kim’s biggest hater LOL.

with General Manager Choo

With Seo Yool

Another ship was Chief Kim with Park Myung Suk. Myung Suk always had his poker face on around Chief Kim like he didn’t care about the trouble Chief Kim and team had. But Myung Suk was actually itching to help him.

Myung Suk’s legendary poker face

Overall rating :  9.5 out of 10
It may not be a perfect drama if you’re not 100% into office drama. But if you are, do check it out. It may not be interesting right off the hook but it surely has charms if you wait long enough 🙂

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