Choi Soo Ji, the Scene Stealer.

Choi Soo Ji, the Scene Stealer.

The Tempted trio actually (can I say this?) the sexiest trio in kdramaland. If I were to compare them to jewelry then they would have been the most luxurious ever displayed. I know I’m late to the party. Tempted ended last May but one appreciation post won’t hurt hehe. I think I’ll be posting several appreciation posts in the future dedicated for the trio and this post is the first installment of the series! The one and only Queen Bee, Choi Soo Ji.

Not only Choi Soo Ji the only one who actually has some depth to her character, Moon Ga Young is fabulous at bringing Choi Soo Ji come to life. Despite the ridiculous moments she has, Choi Soo Ji looks luxurious as ever!

Her styling is always on point. From the clothes she wears, the makeup, the accessories

I like this styling the most!

Tempted aka The Great Seducer is such a pitiful drama. Even the casts’ visuals cannot help it. To be honest, I live-watched this but as the episode became more and more stupid I couldn’t bring myself to watch the next episodes. I’m halfway through episode 27 though. Let’s pray I can actually finish this drama because I’m only 5 and half episodes away from finishing it.

She looks the saddest in this episode -27

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