Are Ready For “Familiar Wife”?

Because I am!! I’m ready for Familiar Wife, well, excited to be honest. Familiar Wife aka The Wife That I Know (literal translation) is a time travel, romance, fantasy drama that tells about

“Cha Joo Hyuk (Ji Sung) has been married to Seo Woo Jin (Han Ji Min) for 5 years. Cha Joo Hyuk works at a bank and Seo Woo Jin also has a working career. Due to an unexpected case, Cha Joo Hyuk makes a choice and that choice leads people, including himself and Seo Woo Jin, to have totally different lives in the present day.” – quoted from

The plot is not new to kdramaland. Time travel plot is almost overused. But somehow it sounds fresh in this drama. If we look at the official promotional poster below, it seems that when the said “unexpected case” happens, it changes the world too. We can see the characters are the same on Cha Joo Hyuk’s right and left yet their appearance is different. Something like Nine: Nine Times Time Travel (tvN, 2013). But to be honest, whatever that will happen I am all in for this drama.

Ji Sung and Han Ji Min will be leading the show. Familiar Wife is Han Ji Min’s small screen comeback after the last drama she was in, Hyde Jekyll, Me (SBS, 2015). After watching the highlight video and trailer I think Drama will be lighter than the usual dramas Ji Sung picks up so yey Ji Sung finally picks up one light drama. Both leads are great at their job so I will not worry about their acting, I know both will nail every character that is given to them.

I am not familiar with the side casts (who are on the poster). I do know Kang Han Na though. I know her through Running Man,yes that one famous variety show. She was a guest for several weeks in Running Man and she was crazy over there. Hopefully she will nail her role in Drama too.

For those interested in Drama’s highlight video you can watch it below~~~~ Why watch a 30-sec video (read: trailer) when you can watch a 5-min video 😀 It’s not subbed though but it looks so much fun!!

But in case you want to watch the trailer, the trailer is below:

Drama will be directed by Lee Sang Yeob the same person who directed Shopping King Louie (MBC, 2016). Shopping King Louie was awesome in term of cinematography. Not necessarily the best out there, but the director could capture the right emotion and was great at building up the atmosphere so hopefully he will do the same in Drama or even better! Drama is written by screenwriter Yang Hee Seung, the one who wrote Oh My Ghost (tvN, 2015). I adoreddddddd Oh My Ghost, despite the second half turned 180deg different from the first half and so kinda choppy, but as a whole that drama was adorable! So I expect the writer could bring something as adorable as Oh My Ghost or even better!

Familiar Wife is What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (tvN, 2018) replacement and is set to air its 1st episode on 1st August 2018. Mark your calendar! Watch it when it drops! 🙂

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