“On Your Wedding Day” to premiere this month!

Kim Young Kwang and Park Bo Young‘s new movie titled On Your Wedding Day is set to premiere on August 22nd and I cannot wait! The trailer is cute and fluffy and surprisingly they actually look great together. The height difference is extremely cute! 

On Your Wedding Day tells about 2 high school friends, Woo Yeon (Kim Young Kwang) and Seung Hee (Park Bo Young). Woo Yeon has crush on Seung Hee but apparently he doesn’t know if Seung Hee has the same feeling. Fast forward to the future they meet again after graduating from college. Woo Yeon still has crush on her but unfortunately Seung Hee already has a boyfriend, whose name is still unknown but will be played by Song Jae Rim.

It might sound boring but I am actually very excited for this movie. The trailer looks so fluffy. As always Park Bo Young is cute but I am shocked that Kim Young Kwang can actually act so cute like this. I’ve always watched him in rather heavy works so I am excited to see him being a puppy.

The movie is written and directed by Lee Seok Geun, the same person who wrote The Bros (2017) and The Outlaws (2017). I’m not sure about The Outlaws since I have not watched it. But it got high rating from moviegoers. A character in the movie (the character played by Yoon Kye Sang) also created hot buzz. As you probably have seen before, variety shows reenacted his lines from the movie. But The Bros was boring. He did not write The Bros alone though but yea the movie was boring. Maybe also because of the slow development and directing? So I hope On Your Wedding Day will not be boring.

The main trailer is below:

You must watch below trailer. It is cuteeeeeeee. At 1:11 when Kim Young Kwang says “비켜 줄래” and his expression, so so cute! I actually reply that part many times and still smile ear to ear.

On Your Wedding Day will premiere on 22nd August 2018.

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