Time (First Impression)

Time (First Impression)

Please be noted that I have only watched until episode 2.

I am extremely satisfied with the first 2 episodes and Time will be the next drama I follow on weekly basis for the next 6 weeks (by the time this post is up ep 3 and 4 have aired already)! I didn’t want to watch Drama at first because…. Let’s be honest. Seohyun is not lead material. I’m too used to seeing negative reviews of her acting. Kim Jung Hyun is the male lead. I watched him in Jealousy Incarnate (SBS, 2016) and he was bad in that drama. He looked like he wanted to pick a fight everytime.

Not making it better, I read the controversy that happened at their drama press conference and I was really turned off watching the video. Then, BOOM. I read so many positive reviews about the 2 episodes and the acting. Even the k-netizens that swore badly because of the press conference changed their opinion and expressed their satisfaction regarding the episodes and acting. Because I am a curious person, I decided to watch the pilot episodes to see what made netizens changed their comments overnight. And I’m glad I did. Plot and acting are extremely top notch so far.

The story is interesting up to episode 2. It’s very engaging. As you’ve probably known already, I’m a fan of heavy dramas. Time is -so far- a perfect heavy drama for me. It’s complicated and filled with cover-ups.

Cheon Soo Ho (Kim Jung Hyun) is portrayed as a depressed character. His environment is just so bad. He lives with his step mother and step brother. He’s the illegitimate son. His biological mother has passed away since he was young. His biological father does not love him. Engaged to Eun Chae Ah (Hwang Seung Eun) who he doesn’t like, he doesn’t want a marriage in the first place. He’s living a lonely life. No wonder he has anger issue. On top of it, he suffers from a deadly tumor called glionblastoma (to find out more about this tumor please click on this link). The most he has is 6 months. I pity him on a spiritual level.

Cheon Soo Ho (Kim Jung Hyun)

Sol Ji Hyun (Seohyun) works as part-timer at Soo Ho’s family department store and her sister, Sol Ji Eun (Yoon Ji Won) is found dead at Soo Ho’s family hotel room. In the same hotel room Soo Ho is staying. Sol Ji Hyun is dating Shin Min Seok (Kim Joon Han) who happens to work as Soo Ho’s family personal lawyer. Min Seok is the first person who sees the dead Ji Eun and Soo Ho is right beside Ji Eun that time. Naturally, Min Seok thinks Soo Ho is the one who kills Ji Eun. Soon he learns that maybe Chae Ah also has part in Ji Eun’s death. From here, their fate is starting to get tangled up with each other.

Sol Ji Hyun (Seohyun)

Shin Min Seok (Kim Joon Han)

The writer, Choi Ho Chul, is great at setting up the foundation for Time. Things are connected with each other. The writer really drains my energy. Just 2 episodes in and I already emotionally attached to the characters especially Soo Ho. He’s living such a miserable life I can’t help but pity him.

One thing that worries me though. The writer is known to write such makjang dramas to the extreme. His/her past works are Mask (SBS, 2015) and Secret (KBS2, 2013). I did adore Secret it’s definitely one of the most exhausting -in a good way- dramas I’ve ever watched.  But Mask… what should I say about Mask. It was makjang too but unlike Secret, Mask was exhausting in a bad way. The story was draggy and lost the flow midway all the way through the end. Mask was off to a great start but the story got lost in the mountain. I’m afraid Time will follow Mask since the pilot episodes are too good to be true. But until that actually happens, let’s just enjoy every single episode of Time to the fullest.

Soo Ho is a very difficult character to portray. It’s hard to keep your sanity when you’re obligated to bring this character to life. Kim Jung Hyun said that he’s a method actor, even though I don’t know whether he’s originally a method actor or he just spurted that out to save his ass due to his behavior at the drama press conference. But if he’s truly a method actor, I hope he ditch his method acting in this drama. It’s mentally exhausting. He’s great so far though.

Seohyun is surprisingly good. I’ve never watched her dramas before. This might be her representative work. She’s not very consistent with her acting i.e her crying scene at the police station in episode 2 was bad. She looks extremely awkward there. But her crying scene also in episode 2, when Ji Eun’s body is being cremated is very great. Unlike at the police station she is so natural here. You can feel her pain and sadness. Overall she’s great. I’m very looking forward to her acting.

Hwang Seung Eun looks a like a baby among the other 3 leads but she’s been nailing it so far. First watched her in Madame Antoine (jTBC, 2016) and wasn’t impressed with her but she’s nailing Chae Ah character so far. She doesn’t lose her ground even when she’s acting along with other casts. Good job!

Eun Chae Ah (Hwang Seung Eun)

The BGM is a piece of art. It compliments the scene perfectly. I also love the color filter they use. It’s dim dark most of the time reflecting the depressing atmosphere Drama tries to deliver.


Min Seok character reminds me of writer’s past work, Secret. In Secret, the second male lead named Ahn Do Hoon buried the truth about the female lead’s father’s death. Fully knowing that it’s better to tell Kang Yoo Jung about her father’s death but he decided to bury it to save his career. This made Kang Yoo Jung became more miserable that she already was.

In Time, Min Seok has knowledge of Ji Eun’s death cause and also who the culprit is but decides to keep his mouth shut for his career.

Both are second male lead and both are the female lead. Pretty much the same, right? I just want to say it and absolutely have no intention to bring one drama down. After all, both are written by the same person. I do encourage you to watch Secret if you haven’t. One excellent drama if you’re looking for a heavy one.

Very excited for the next episodes. Very curious what Drama’s gonna bring next. Make sure to watch Time if you’re a fan of heavy dramas like me.

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