Tempted/The Great Seducer (Short Review)


“All relationships change. Friends, lovers, and even family. If you aren’t sincere, it just changes a bit quicker.” – Kwon Si Hyun (Tempted)

Where did it go wrong? Tempted aka The Great Seducer was off to a great start. Visually appealing cinematography, generic but addicting plot, promising young actors, but what exactly that went wrong?

The Acting
Not much to comment on. Temped wasn’t supported by strong acting skills by its 4 leads but it did introduce me to Woo Do Hwan, Kim Min Jae, and the new side of Moon Ga Young. Watched Moon Ga Young in Deserving of the Name (tvN, 2017) and she was nothing like Choi Soo Ji in Deserving so it was nice to discover the new side of her.

Moon Ga Young as Choi Soo Ji

Woo Do Hwan was great. He suited Kwon Si Hyun role perfectly. Kim Min Jae was great in first half of the drama. His acting somehow didn’t sit well with me as the plot progressed. Maybe because he didn’t really suit emotional, depressing role.

Woo Do Hwan as Kwon Si Hyun

Kim Min Jae as Lee Se Joo

Joy. I don’t have anything against her. She was okay in most parts. But once it got more emotional she was awkward and just… bad. To be honest, she broke the flow in episode 1 when her character was first introduced (along with the Jung Ha Dam‘s ironic acting) and in most episodes so… She was weak compared to the other three.

Joy as Eun Tae Hee

The Plot
I actually followed this on weekly basis. I remember waiting for the sub was like a torture. But at one point Tempted lost its charm, the only thing that kept me going was just the sake of finishing it. I ended up putting it on hold for months and only able to finish it last week.

It was off to a great start, it was out of this world! High class people, fancy homes and clothes. The plot was built nicely. It made me really curious about the next episodes. But unfortunately it did not stay long.

It was great until the first quarter but after that the story went downhill bit by bit. The last quarter was energy draining for me. Si Hyun and Tae Hee on and off relationship was too much. This week they broke up the next week they forgave each other they broke up again forgave again on and on and it was tiring. Not helping at all, the side characters were annoying  i.e Hye Jeong (Oh Ha Nee)  love line, Tae Hee’s mother and Si Hyun’s father affair. The affair though, it was disgusting and the fact both parties knew it was wrong but still met up and all ugh.

Understand that they wanted to create such dramatic storyline for the 4 leads. Si Hyun X Tae Hee relationship, the trio relationship, the affair, the business marriage, Ki Young the asshole, Hye Jeong’s personality and brother, etc but it felt too much. Like, many conflicts happened at the same time. Several of them could be solved quite easily but the writer dragged them allllll the way until the end and it was tiring.

I personally think Ki Young beating Si Hyun and Se Joo in episode 30 and 31 was too much. It wasn’t dramatic it was idiotic. That the writer actually came up with this idea was idiotic already but they proceeded with the shooting and actually aired it and tried to make it look necessary to save the already-dead plot when it was plain stupid.

One thing that I really want to mention, Hye Jeong’s mother was worse than Tae Hee’s mother. At least Tae Hee’s mother realized she was wrong and tried to make up her mistake to Tae Hee. But Hye Jeong’s mother was like a dictator until the end. Hye Jeong tried to break free but the writer messed it up by sending Ki Young to her (episode 30, 31). Her brother was a pain in the ass too. This drama was meant to fail from the start by the way the writer built the characters. No matter how handsome/pretty or skilled the casts were, Tempted would just fail.

 The Styling
They were fresh high school graduates and yet their styling was more like someone mid 20s and late 20s especially the trio. I understand that they had more access to clothes and all since they’re chaebols but really? The styling team did not put the characters’ age in consideration in dressing them up. They probably only cared to dress them in every sponsored clothes.

I did adore Choi Soo Ji styling but when I think about it again, her styling didn’t match her character’s age.

The only thing worth mentioning
The cinematography. It was crisp and nice. The shots were lovely, the chosen shooting places were lovely, the color filter was lovely. Other than that, ummmm the casts’ visuals. And that’s all.

Am I the only one who adores this shot? This shot speaks louder than their words.

Last thing
The first quarter was great and such an enjoyment but after that it’ll be personal preference that will do the talk. For me, pass ep 8 was such a miss. Tempted was a tragic drama. But if you’re a fan of any of the cast, you might enjoy it.

Final score : 1 out of 10

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