What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim [Short Review]



“There’s nothing that good conversations can’t resolve.” – Lee Young Joon’s mother (Why Secretary Kim)

What a lovely drama from start to finish. Perfect synergy between the casts, perfect plot, perfect directing, a whole perfect drama. I thoroughly enjoyed each episode, it was such a nice ride. I live-watched it and hated it so much. Waiting a week for a new episode was such a torture. That’s how much I adored WWWSK aka Secretary Kim.

Lovely! The casts were radiating with so much positivity that made their characters so likeable. I personally adored Hwang Bo Ra (Secretary Bong). She was all out with her comical acting and really brought Secretary Bong to life.

Both Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young were amazing. Their chemistry was sizzling what a perfect pairing.  I also adored Chansung. He fitted Secretary Go role so much. Chansung could portray the 2 sides of Secretary Go so well. You did great boy!

Good job everyone, you were amazing.

Plot was exciting from start to finish. It balanced the heavy side and the comedy side very well. I liked that they didn’t drag the kidnapping plot until the end. They intensely focused on it on the first half of the run though but that’s it. As for the second half they intensely focused on the romance!

Park Min Young as Secretary Kim

The side characters’ stories were as exciting as the leads’. None of the scene was boring. Every episode was such a treat.

I actually do not have anything to talk about that’s why this review is one short review because I do not have any idea what to write :’)

Lee Young Joon matured and learnt to accept things and mistakes. A great character development there. The same goes with Secretary Go too. Both looked perfect on the outside but actually had some sort of scar. They weren’t perfect, they had flaws. I liked that the writer emphasized that.

Park Seo Joon as Lee Young Joon


A well-rounded romcom drama. Perfect if you’re looking for a heart fluttering drama that’s pretty much to the point. Go watch Secretary Kim if you haven’t and you’ll never regret it!

Kim Biseo gets a perfect 10 out of 10 from me.

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