Jugglers [Review]


“You can’t categorize feeling into boxes, like red or blue, square or round.” – Hwangbo Yool (Jugglers)

What a lovely office romance drama! Such a nice watch and I regret not starting it much earlier. I ship the OTP HARD!

Rather than praising the leads (Daniel Choi, Baek Jin Hee) for their acting, I’d like to take this opportunity to appreciate the fact that through Drama I discovered new faces; Lee Won Geun, Cha Joo Young, and Jung Hye In. Well done guys! You did extremely great. I look forward to your new projects in the future.

Daniel Choi

Baek Jin Hee

Lee Won Geun

Cha Joo Young

The pilot episode was hilarious! Yoon Yi’s ringtone actually took the spotlight. The plot moved steadily. I really liked that it wasn’t too fast nor too slow. We had just enough time to process what was going on. The plot was fun. No filler scene, no overly annoying scene, just perfect.

Every episode was a nice watch. Every episode was fun. It was just pure romcom. My favorite scenes must be the the whole 60 minutes of episode 10 it’s when they just started dating. The episode was exploded with cuteness. In that episode too, Wang Ji Ae went against Hwangbo’s family’s secretary and questioned why Hwangbo was only allowed to do what the elders said. One refreshing scene remembering her situation and personality.

I also liked that the writer emphasized that you gotta follow your dream. Let’s take Hwangbo’s e-sports idea for example. He was really sure about that e-sports. Despite not having any support he still went for it. He rebelled and followed his idea. He set up his own company and let go his most precious motorcycle to fund his business. It’s cute and moving at the same time. Cute because of he bluntly said setting up a business required a lot of money and moving, because he let go his ego.

Drama also emphasized that true friendship would never break. Do Hee did Yoon Yi dirty but at the end they reconciled and their friendship got stronger than ever.

Jwa Yoon Yi was such a bright person I adored her! I really liked her fighting spirit. She was also persistent. Nam Chi Won and Hwangbo Yool looked very extravagant on the outside but actually were pitiful. They had a lot of scars but managed to overcome those and became a much better and stronger individual. But not going to lie, I pitied them especially Hwangbo. Hwangbo, maybe, only needed someone who could listen to his story sincerely.

Hwangbo’s eye smile is everything

I didn’t like Senior Managing Director Cho but I liked that writer didn’t straight up pictured him as an evil. Unlike most antagonist characters, Mr. Cho was a bit tame than that. Surely he was one wicked person who used people for his own benefit, but the writer inserted many comical actions to kind of sugarcoat his character, that made this character felt not 100% evil. He just looked like he tried hard to fulfill his greed.  He had many human side that relate to us.

Mr. Cho

I also want to mention that the characters’ names were also unique like Nam Chi Won, Jwa Yoon Yi, Do Do Hee. The names sounded weird at first because it didn’t sound familiar but that’s the unique point there.

It’s available on Spotify so make sure to stream it on Spotify if you do not have MelOn or Genie account!


As a big fan of Nell, I was just too happy that they blatantly promoted Nell’s Time Walking On Memory. One perfect song that matches every occasion. Please do give it a listen!

Overall rating :  9 out of 10
Will I Watch it Again? YES YES YES

The look like high school lovers

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