Bad Papa (First Impression)

Bad Papa (First Impression)

“Since the past until the present, I never wanted to become a great hero for you all. I just wanted to become an ordinary head of a household. I wanted to become an ordinary hero who could make his wife not worry about money and buy everything his daughter wanted to eat and have. I just wanted to become an ordinary father.” – Yoo Ji Cheol (Bad Papa)

Among all Mon-Tue prime time dramas, Bad Papa is the one I’m rooting for! It’s the drama that has much more contents compared to the other two (Beauty Inside and Where Stars Land). It’s much more relatable to our daily lives. The plot, so far, is certainly thick and tight.

Jang Hyuk himself is a brand. He’s the reason why this is a must watch drama. He proves once again that he is a polished actor who can take on every role. Up to episode 2 he’s hella great.  It’s a bit like Voice (OCN, 2017) with all the action scenes and all. But his character in Bad Papa as Yoo Ji Cheol is actually very “humane”.

He portrays a father and husband who is struggling to make the ends meet. He used to be a professional boxer loved by the entire nation but because of one match 11 years ago (that we still have no idea what happened in that match) he is expelled permanently from the industry. He then became a cop but got fired recently. He is now an unemployed and desperate to make some money to feed the family. He then goes up to the ring again. With the help of mysterious pill he wins the match.

Jang Hyuk as Yoo Ji Cheol

Yoo Ji Cheol 11 years ago during his glorious days

So much happening in just the span of 2 episodes. Things were happening all at once so it feels a bit suffocating. The lab that produces the pill is one confusing element of the plot actually. It feels like the whole existence of the lab is to produce the pill which is consumed by Yoo Ji Cheol. And if it’s like that, I don’t think there’s any meaning of keeping the lab in the story. Just exclude it from the upcoming story.

But! The foundation is set up really nicely. The dialogues are beautiful too. For example Yoo Ji Cheol and his daughter conversation at the hospital in episode 1. Story is built really thick and full of questions! I’m curious about the past Yoo Ji Cheol. What exactly he did that made him being expelled from the industry? What happened to him and Lee Min Woo (the current most loved boxer) in the past? What happened to his couch? So many questions begging to be answered. It’s one great drama that makes me excited for the next episode.

Ha Joon as Lee Min Woo

If you want to watch a drama with some weight on it then watch Bad Papa. If you want to watch a romcom then watch The Beauty Inside. If you’re Lee Je Hoon fan then watch Where Stars Land. Each drama has its charming point but personally I think Bad Papa is leading in term of acting and plot so far. Bad Papa is my #1 pick for Mon-Tue drama!

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