Where Stars Land (dropped)

Where Stars Land (dropped)

“Sometimes, things that can’t be explained by common sense happen like miracles to people.” – Yang Seo Koon (Where Stars Land)

I was really looking forward to Where Stars Land (Fox Bride Star – literal translation) because of Lee Je Hoon.  I’m his fan and I know I can trust his acting. 90% of the time he always picks great work.

Drama told about the people who work at Incheon Airport that make sure the passengers’ safety and airport activities go smooth without any trouble. Drama gave us some insights on what’s it’s like to work at an airport.

First impression is everything! Many times I drop a drama because the first impression isn’t very nice. So it’s really a pity that Drama failed to leave me strong first impression. And unfortunately, after 6 episodes I decided to drop Drama.


The female lead, Han Yeo Reum, was self-centered, troublemaker, just one irritating character. She was an absolute disaster in episode 1. She was still as annoying as ever in the following episodes. She was desperate to be noticed but rather than working hard to prove her competence she chose to complain and act like a victim. 

Chae Soo Bin as Han Yeo Reum

The male lead, Lee Soo Yeon, was one boring character. He wanted to stay as low as possible but the way he lived just begged for attention. By being quiet and mysterious, unconsciously he attracted more attention. Truly, the opposite of what he wanted.

Lee Je Hoon as Lee Soo Yeon


The story foundation was not strong. In episode 1 it felt like the story depended on Lee Soo Yeon’s strange ability. But it was revealed in episode 2, stripped away my curiosity. It felt like Lee Soo Yeon’s strange ability was revealed too early. If they dragged it to episode 3 or 4, it would’ve be better since the viewers would have engaged to Drama more. It would be more dramatic and shocking that way.

Han Yeo Reum’s desperation did not sit well with me. The way she reacted to cases and her seniors rubbed me the wrong way too.

Lee Soo Yeon suddenly let his guard down was really disappointing. It was not even at halfway mark! Drama showed its cards way too early making it hard to stay excited for the next episodes because…. why? We already knew everything by episode 6 so why bother continuing until the last episode?

As Drama progressed, it felt like it depended only on the cases they encountered at work to fill the 60-minute slot without building decent foundation for the following episodes. Understand that Drama wanted to tell what it felt like to work at an airport, how they handled emergency situation, how they ensured everyone’s safety, but was it necessary to have critical case in every episode?


I watched the other 2 prime time dramas that aired in the same days and time like Where Stars Land (and happened to aired their first episode on the same day too which was Oct 1st!). Those 2 dramas were Bad Papa (MBC), and The Beauty Inside (jtbc). On the first week of airing, I prioritized Where Stars Land and was not excited for the other 2. But after watching the 3rd episode of each drama, I ended up putting Where Stars Land on hold. Where Stars Land was sure one weak drama compared to the other 2. Even Matrimonial Chaos (KBS2) that aired 1 week after Where Stars Land (on Oct 8th) was more exciting than Where Stars Land.

As a fan of Lee Je Hoon, I did not expect this work to be as bad as this.


So, I dropped Drama after watching the, painfully boring, 6th episode. Leads did not have chemistry, story had nothing to back it up other than their emergency situation, the side characters were annoying, it was one disappointing drama. With Lee Je Hoon as lead and Incheon International Airport as their filming site, they could have done much better. Such a waste of resources.

But! Thank you for the luxurious shots of Incheon International Airport!

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