“People of our nation tend to have a lot of anger, and are hot tempered. They’re psychologically pent up, so they act out easily. They’re emotionally anxious. Also, they tend to think that people are looking down on them.” – Branch Manager Cha (Familiar Wife)

I had mixed opinion about Familiar Wife. It was a fun drama but there were many times the writing felt lazy and forced. I adored the 2 leads but I did not truly enjoy Drama.


Top notch! Ji Sung and Han Ji Min nailed their respective role. As a matter of fact, everyone did great job. Cha Hak Yeon (VIXX’s N) though, was awkward. But with practice he’ll do better in the future.

Ji Sung as Cha Joo Hyuk
Han Ji Min as Seo Woo Jin


Such a fun 2 pilot episodes with the change of fate and all. Cha Joo Hyuk (played by Ji Sung) did not only change his fate but also everyone’s around him. I liked that everyone was literally related to Joo Hyuk’s decision.

Joo Hyuk, with his new life, was overrrr the moon. He momentarily forgot the wife he left and also his two children. He just enjoyed his current life so much with his new wife, Lee Hye Won (played by Kang Ha Na). Until one day Seo Woo Jin (played by Han Ji Min) started working at the same bank  branch like Joo Hyuk and it all started to get messy. At first it was fun. Just like Drama’s title, Familiar Wife, Joo Hyuk was familiar with Woo Jin since she was the wife he “dumped” by changing his fate. He could not turn a blind eye for this familiar wife and started to give Woo Jin too much attention. He found himself in tight situation because of that too.

Joo Hyuk with his “new wife”, Hye Won
Joo Hyuk with the wife he “dumped”, Woo Jin

It felt useless at times. There were many questionable moments too. I understood that those “questionable moments” were the core of this “familiar wife” thing but judging from Joo Hyuk’s new life it was truly not a proper thing a married man should do.

The plot, though, progressed steadily. But it lost its charm in the middle. Maybe it was just me but it suddenly lost it charm and me finishing the Drama felt like an obligation. Maybe because I got irritated by Joo Hyuk’s actions who could not stop caring his ex-wife. But, let’s be honest, Joo Hyuk character was full of flaws and it was not fun at all.

The writing was also slower and weaken as the episode progressed. Drama did emphasis that human had no greed limit. This was reflected in Joo Hyuk’s actions. Drama also portrayed that when you met the wrong person, your life could get ruined. This was reflected in Woo Jin’s life before and after Joo Hyuk changed their fates.


Things worth mentioning about drama; acting, casts, and OST. OST are lovely! I personally adored S9’s Love Me Again. One beautiful piece to start your day. I listened to it almost everyday for months! I still listen to it occasionally nowadays.

John Park’s Let Me Stay and Roy Kim’s No Longer Mine are perfect songs to listen to in autumn or when it’s raining outside. No, they’re not a depressing songs.

The full OST album is available on Spotify so head over there if you do not have a melOn account. Search for “Familiar Wife (Original Television Soundtrack) or use this link instead –> click here click here click here since it’s tricky to just find it using the drama’s name only, it does not show the full VA album as first result.


It was fun but was not fun. It was cute but was not cute. The story was flat but was not flat. Drama let me down several times and lost in charms in halfway mark. It was just so-so in my opinion. I didn’t really enjoy that, finishing it was more like a mandatory thing to do.

Overall rating :  Sad to say but Familiar Wife only deserves 6 out of 10.

Will I Watch it Again? Ermmm no.

Life is a maze of choices

Will I Watch it Again? Ermmm no.

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