Hundred Days My Prince (Review)


What a sweet piece of work! Up to this day I still adore Hundred Days My Price (read: Drama) so much. Drama is such a fun ride from start to finish. I was happy when the characters were happy. I was torn to pieces when they were sad. I didn’t expect anything from Drama at first, honestly. I thought it’d be another rom-com drama set in Joseon era but I was wrong! Drama is indeed a rom-com, but has other elements that make Drama, as a whole, such an enjoyment.


D.O aka Do Kyungsoo. Safe to say that he’s one of the better acting-dol out there.  I had never thought he was good until this drama (yes, I thought he was so so in It’s Okay It’s Love). His sadness and anger resonated with viewers that we could easily connect to his character. He was such a discovery for me!

Nam Ji Hyun. I adoreeeeeee her since Shopping King Louis and I fell for her charm again in Drama. One thing though, for me, she was awkward in crying scenes. Is it only me who thinks so? But overall, she was great as always!

Han So Hee. She felt like a miscast. It felt like she could not live up to other actors’ acting skill and it was tiring watching her scenes. Or maybe, again, is it only me?


The first half was all fluffy and cute but it turned into a sad drama in the second half so better prepare your heart. The transition was done smoothly. We knew bad things would happen to the leads, but the plot was strong and comfortable enough that we (I) didn’t complain at all for every sad things the leads had to go through.

Drama was one rom-com drama but it did not feel sappy or overly sweet that made you cringe. It was just enough. The clever writing also made me cursed Won Deuk (the prince, played by Do Kyungsoo) for all stupid things he did.

Drama did resemble Shopping King Louis which Nam Ji Hyun was also the female lead there. Oh wait, Drama was Shopping King Louis set in Joseon time. So if you’ve watched Shopping King Louis before, you’d pretty much how Drama would turn out. But aside from that, Drama was still a very enjoyable ride. Both Dramas shared same premise but each of them shone on their own. Each had its own merits and uniqueness. If you loved Shopping King Louis and don’t want to watch Drama because you heard it’s similar, just watch it! Go for it! Just watch Drama! Now!


I was shocked at the total number of songs this drama has in their OST album. 54 songs, whattt???! Why so many!

As always, Gummy’s songs are must-listen songs so make sure to check Gummy’s OST called 지워져 (Fade Away).

This is not the official video. There is no official video for this song 😦

Do Kyungsoo’s bandmate, Chen also lent his voice for Drama with the song called 벚꽃연가 (Cherry Blossom Love Song). Another favorite of mine!

The instrumental piece called 내 너와 혼인할 것이다 (I Will Marry You) is the OST you often hear at the beginning of every episode. One lovely piece of song.

The full OST album is available on Spotify under the name “100 Days My Prince (Original Television Soundtrack)”. It’s a bit tricky to find the official OST album, but it’s there!


Drama faced difficulties finding actor for its male lead role until Do Kyungsoo took the role. People always judge dramas based on how fast the production house find the actors for each role. If many actors turn down the offer people think that the storyline is crappy. I used to think like that too! But Drama is proven to be one great drama even though many actors turned down Won Deuk/The Prince role.

It’s not all rainbows and unicorns but it was very very veryyyyy lovely. You’ll fall for it the moment you start watching it. So, watch it at your own risk. I’ve warned you 😀

Overall rating : 10 out of 10

Will I Watch it Again? YES!!

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