Touch Your Heart [Drama Review]

Can’t believe Touch Your Heart has ended its run. It was such a fun drama (along with Romance is a Bonus Book). It was cute and funny, rainbows and unicorns. Thank you for being produced, dear TYH.


Yoo In Ah successfully brought her character, Oh Yoon Seo, to life. Oh Yoon Seo was a cheerful person and Yoo In Ah fit the role perfectly. Lee Dong Wook nailed this role as a cold and unapproachable at first but then turned into a warm person to Oh Yoon Seo. I liked his acting for both sides of his character, Kwon Jung Rok.

Yoo In Ah as Oh Yoon Seo
Lee Dong Wook as Kwon Jung Rok

Other casts as side characters were equally great as the leads. Not only their character (ok, several of them) actually had meaning and added value to the story but their acting was great too. I gotta mention Oh Eui Sik (Oh Yoon Seo’s manager) for this one. His judging face was just the best thing!

Oh Eui Sik as Oh Yoon Seo’s manager


It could be too slow for some people, it could be just fine for other people. I did think the pace was slower to suit my liking but it didn’t feel boring. I gotta admit I hated the filler scenes. I skipped many of them to be honest. For example Kim Se Won (played by Lee Sang Woo) and Yoo Yeo Reum (played by Son Sung Yoon) story which was just plain boring. I rather they explore more about people’s lives at Always Law Firm or let us explore more cases with Kwon Jung Rok.

The story was great at the beginning. It was fun it was cute I was 100% invested to Drama. Unfortunately after a while Drama progressed rather too slow. I found myself a bit disinterested but I was still excited for the next episode only to find the story was, again, not as fun as the first few episodes. It’s all personal preference, but I felt that Drama couldn’t keep my interests and attention 100%. It got back up nearing the end though.

The story was also rather anti-climax like how they dealt with Lee Kang Joon (that druggie trash). What his character did and the aftermath of his action was dragged from episode 1 all the way to much later episode yet the way the writer wrapped this character up left so much to desire.

But as a whole, Drama was a fun show. I enjoyed –but not highly- every episode. It did give me contentment while watching.


Why so manyyyy. PPL was too excessive and messy. They blatantly shoved the PPL to our faces and I was annoyed several times because of it. I mean, who wouldn’t be annoyed?


Gotta give it up to Chen’s Make it Count. The song basically set up the atmosphere for Drama as a whole. I really adore this song and listen to it at least once everyday.

The ballad songs are also great but my most fav is 1415‘s Photographs.


I enjoyed Drama. It was sweet and fun. The pace was pretty slow but wasn’t the point of boring. If you’re looking for a light romcom you definitely can try Drama. Bet you’ll love it so so bad 😀

Unfortunately, I gotta give it 6 out of 10!

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