Her Private Life [Drama Review]

“Fill your room with the things you love so you can live a happier life.” – Sung Deok Mi (Her Private Life)

Rather than Her Private Life, it should have been called “Their Private Lives”. Drama explored the life of Sung Deok Mi (played by Park Min Young) as an art curator and Ryan Gold (played by Kim Jae Wook)  as an art gallery director. They happened to work at the same art gallery and the first impression they had of each other was terrible. Little did they know, they were actually childhood bestfriend! After many years passed, finally the secrets about their lives were revealed one by one. And that’s what I meant by the title should have been Their Private Lives.


Every one of them was great! Jung Jae Won/One (Cha Si An) was awkward from time to time but overall he was good. Seo Ye Hwa as Yoo curator stood out in every scene she was in, side character but gold! Director Eom So Hye was one crazy character and Kim Sun Young did such an excellent job bringing this character to life. Thumbs up! Special shoutout to Secretary Kim for being so good at holding her little tiny purses. Couldn’t find his name on asianwiki but you’ll forever be everyone’s favorite secretary.

Director Eom and Secretary Kim

Park Min Young is definitely the one and only romcom queen in my book. Secretary Kim introduced me to her romcom side and HPL cemented that title. Kim Jae Wook is really the embodiment of sexiness. In early episodes his Mo Tae Goo was still so strong (that’s how great he was at playing the psycho Mo Tae Goo in Voice (OCN, 2017)) but over time I finally saw him as Ryan Gold. HPL is his very first time playing in a romcom but he was actually great in HPL. Even though his most impressive work will always be Voice in my book :’)

Sung Deok Mi
Ryan Gold


It’s a romcom but not your generic romcom. HPL wasn’t cringey like others, the romance came REALLY naturally, the comedy wasn’t forced, OTP’s relationship was so cute, everyone was mature enough to move on and accept the fact, no hard feelings and all. One exceptional romcom drama, at least for me.

It definitely took full advantage from being marketed as a drama about a fangirl. I mean, we were all so curious about how the production team would picture a life of a fangirl. We are all fangirl I bet. HPL turned out to be a great drama with strong foundation and that’s why we all fell in love with it.

The first episode was painfully boring. It was too slow and felt lazy. The second episode picked up the pace and changed the whole impression. Such a great second episode! The following episodes were all fun and exciting. I was really looking forward to the next episode every week. There were only 3 dramas among all 2019 dramas I watched that I was really really really excited for the next episodes; The Crowned Prince (tvN), Kill It (OCN), and Her Private Life. Well, that says a lot.

I loved the character development and I also liked that everyone was mature enough and being an adult as they should be. A rare sight in kdramaland. The OTP also had mature and healthy relationship. What an extremely rare sight in kdramaland as most of the time a relationship is full of jealously, inferiority complex exploded.

The secrets -well if we can call it like that- were pulled out one by one. The writer actually tried to pull out childhood painful memory card (read: Ryan with Doek Mi’s mother’s past) but it was wrapped so nicely.

If there’s anything the writer tried to convey to us, it must be communication. Communication is the key for everything. You can solve any problem with calm, rational communication. Everyone, remember this, Deok Mi and Ryan had such a thrilling lovey-dovey love story due to effective communication. Ryan with his mothers were fine due to effective communication. Deok Mi and Eun Ki were 100% solid due to communication. Communication is the key everyone.


The complete OST album is available on Spotify!! If you do not have any Korean music portal account and credit, definitely go to Spotify to stream the album legally.

My personal fav out of the album is Runy’s Smile Again. Do check it out!

BGM inserted were also gold! Remember the iconic BGM and editing they used in that scene when Deok Mi visited Si An’s house for the first time? It was gold!

If you’re looking for that Lee Sol’s melody, it’s called Water Drops. The melody when they recalled their happy childhood memories? Crayon. Looking for a cute or playful melody? Try Deokhoo’s Song, Photo Zone, Rabbit Couple, Busy Day, ermm to be honest 80% of the VA is cute and playful. I can’t find the iconic BGM used for Director Eom’s grand entrance. I listened to the album twice but still couldn’t find it. If you find it please do let me know. I’m afraid I missed it.

Ryan’s house

Very different to what the usual kdrama houses, Ryan’s house was painted in rather dark color. I don’t know the name of the color but it’s in the shade of dark blue. Stunning!


HPL was such a fun watch. The first episode sucked but starting from episode 2, it’s the whole different level of experience. Thank you for all the smiles, butterflies, and… tears. Thank you for being produced :’)

HPL deserves a solid 10 out of 10!

Because I do not want to let go 😦

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