Perfume [Dropped]

We all asked for Shin Sung Rok to be in a romcom! Drama Gods really listened to our prayers and now we have SSR in a romcom! Just like you, I was excited for Perfume because finally we have SSR in a romcom he’s only doing cold hearted, evil characters so this is new and fresh for him. So I watched the first 2 episodes and I dropped it right away. I just had to…

Female lead character, Min Jae Hee

First of all, the female lead character, Min Jae Hee. Her story of being a fat and unloved woman who magically transforms into a goddess is just so bad. I get it that this is the core of this drama but should we really portray fat people like this? All the bad treatments Min Jae Hee get are just not fun. It’s only to justify the she’s a goddess now play and I can’t consume it. I would probably be ok with this if it were packaged more nicely but nah. Not saying that I’m wise but now that I get older what I like vs dislike what I support vs don’t support is very clear. The way Perfume portrays the life of Min Jae Hee is just too pitiful and doesn’t sit right with me. Go Won Hee is great, though.

Go Won Hee as Min Jae Hee

SSR’s acting

He exaggerated a lot in his last drama, The Last Empress (SBS, 2019). I thought it was due to his role but I’m starting to think it’s just his acting style. He exaggerates here too.

Shin Sung Rok as Seo Yi Do

Kim Jin Kyung

Not every model can act and producers need to understand this. Overall, Kim Jin Kyung is decent but definitely can do better. For example the scene where she tells her friend about her mother in episode 2, she is plain and stiff.

Kim Jin Kyung as Kim Jin Kyung

The color filters

I see that they try to use many and unusual color filters that’s still rather rarely seen in kdramaland, something like Big Issue (SBS, 2019) and Search:WWW (tvN, 2019). But unfortunately they fail it. Unlike Big Issue and Search:WWW, their filter feels out of the place and forced. It just doesn’t work here.

Big Issue, hands down, their filter is the best and I think they’re the first that try the extreme color filter in kdramaland. Search:WWW, hands down, pretty color filters and palates.

Now, the plot

I’m not being bias here. Their way of retelling Min Jae Hee’s story is one thing but the plot as a whole is just too boring. Painfully boring that it surprises me. When you have mystery as one of your plot elements you almost cannot not nail it. Surprisingly Perfume fails to do this. The execution does not live up to my expectation. Painfully boring! I legit survived 2 hours just to have enough material to write this post.

Last comment

Don’t waste your time watching this. It’s not worth your time. There are many other dramas out there waiting to be watched so just skip Perfume and just pick any other dramas.

You’re not going to believe me but I feel bad writing this post but Perfume is just too boring. Such a disappointment.

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