The Secret Life Of My Secretary [Dropped]

A big fanbase that I follow on twitter hyped TSLOMS so much and because we pretty much share the same opinion on many dramas previously I trusted her words and picked this up. Unlike her that highly enjoys this drama, TSLOMS actually bores me to death.


I’m not against the casting. Kim Young Kwang is a sunshine ball and does a great job here. Don’t forget to mention that he’s very cute in many scenes! Jin Ki Joo, who is another sunshine ball finally in a light romcom drama after all the tears she shed in Come and Hug Me (MBC, 2018). The leads actually look good together and have decent chemistry. But how do I say it? The chemistry is not strong enough to make me stay. They’re not really the best pairing in 2019 even though individually they’re nailing their respective role.

Kim Young Kwang
Jin Ki Joo

Jae Kyung is finally playing a happy and fun character! Her previous roles were not 100% dark but they were obviously not even half as bright as Veronica Park. She’s doing great so far and it’s always so fun to have her on screen.

Kim Jae Kyung

I’m not familiar with Go Ja Sung I think TSLOMS is his first project that I watch. I do believe he’s a bit awkward from time to time. he doesn’t own the character 100% yet. I don’t want to say this but I’m not comfortable watching him. Worse is, his role is not the role that will grow on you over time too. Jae Kyung and Go Ja Sung do not have chemistry. End of conversation.

Go Ja Sung


It’s not the most exciting plot out there but it’s not bad either. I just feel like there’s always something missing everytime I watch it. There’s nothing that makes me curious of what’s to come. Personally, I think TSLOMS starts losing its charm the moment Jung Kal Hee pretends to be Veronica Park. The lack of chemistry is another thing to blame.

I can’t help but compare it to other romcom that I recently just finished watching. Comparing TSLOMS to that romcom it’s so obvious that TSLOMS lacks in many things in my opinion. TSLOMS is just bland. Chemistry, plot, execution are not up to my expectation.

I legit survived episode 14 because of Veronica Park. She’s actually the reason I managed to watch 14 episodes before dropping it.

Lastly, it’s not 100% casts’ fault, the story itself is lazy and boring.

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