Romance is a Bonus Book [Drama Review]

“Even though they don’t sell well, some books are worth sharing with the world. Even if many readers don’t read them, they’ll be a treasure for those who do.” – Cha Eun Ho (Romance is a Bonus Book)

Romance is a Bonus Book is a sincere work from start to finish. It always entertains me everytime I watch it even up to today. It also gives me sense of healing in some way. For me, it’s a perfect drama to watch while bundling up in your thick blanket and have a cup of warm tea by your side. That’s how comfortable I am watching RIABB. I can just forget everything for a while and truly focus on drama, be at the present.

I wasn’t exactly excited for RIABB even though it is Lee Na Young’s small screen comeback after so many years, even though it’s Lee Jong Suk’s last work before enlisting. I just wasn’t excited for this drama. The title was a bit cringy and I was confused of it to be honest.

BUT! I decided to give it a shot because I needed something sweet to balance out my bitter work life (lol) and glad I did it.


I loved every single one of them! I think it’s a truth that no one can deny that every cast was great at acting.

I wasn’t looking forward to OTP chemistry since I didn’t think they actually match but I was wrong. They actually looked quite good together.

Lee Na Young, hands down, the cutest like she always been. She successfully brought Kang Dan Yi to life. The fragile side, the quirky side, the naughty side of Kang Dan Yi, Lee Na Young rounded them all up nicely.

Lee Jong Suk did such a great job in Drama, as always. He, here, also stole the spotlight several times. Until we meet again, I’ll remember you as the romantic Cha Eun Ho!

Drama is Wi Ha Joon‘s first work that I watched. But he did a great job at being the second lead that I suffered from second lead syndrome that lasted for several episodes. Please do more dramas and movies!

Special shoutout to Kim Yoo Mi! Whew she’s finally back to acting. I knew her from Cruel City (JTBC, 2012) and her character in RIABB was somehow felt similar to her character in Cruel City. She rocked this type of role. (ps, do watch Cruel City if you haven’t. One great drama from start to finish. Thank me later.)

And the actor who shone the brightest in this drama, of course, Geum Bi!

The characters I adored

Firstly, Song Hae Rin (played by Jung Yoo Jin). She’s on top of my list. She’s like a role model for me personally. She’s a successful career woman. She got turned down by her love but it didn’t affect her professionally and she still delivered the best at work, didn’t hold grudge, didn’t act all bitchy and clingy. She even rooted for Eun Ho with Dan Yi. Ugh girl, you’re such a girl crush.

Cha Eun Ho, because he’s Cha Eun Ho. A successful author, chief editor, and an univ prof. And also, damn savage.

He held a painful secret to himself but despite that he still managed to live his life to the fullest and beautifully too. Really liked this character.


Unlike many comments on the internet about episode 1 that said it was boring, but for me episode 1 was fun. RAIBB was actually addicting right off the bat.

Plot moved at comfortable pace for me. It wasn’t too fast and wasn’t too slow. It was fun. Actually every episode was such a fun ride. As episode progressed it became more addicting. Fun fact: I finished episode 1 – 10 in one sitting. Such a bad thing to do, I know, but RAIBB was that fun! It definitely didn’t feel like I wasted 10 hours watching some fictional story. Unlike the majority of romcom dramas in which they seem to have the same plot template, RIABB has some substance yall!

Drama was a light romcom but loaded with rich dialogues and quotes. For example in final episode, Author Kang’s will was very beautiful. I actually teared up because of his will. It was really sincere. The writer must spent days to come up with such beautiful paragraph for Author Kang’s will.

“I don’t believe that a single book is capable of changing the world. However, I still would like to tell you to become someone who’s like a book. A book may not be able to change the world, but I’m sure it can still leave something warm inside someone’s heart.” – Author Kang Byeong Jun

Drama was a light hearted romcom but also delivered some real issues. For example Dan Yi’s struggle to find a job after her career break even though she used to be a successful marketer in the past. Also, how small mistake could actually lead to something so much big –the sticker incident.  The characters got back up again, faced the problem bravely and passed the crisis. Bravo to writer to manage to deliver these real life issues in such a comfortable way.

On a personal note

As someone who loves reading books, I loved the sets! There were so many books there. My book-nerd self wanted to go there and read the books one by one. Drama also made me curious with the life of a book editor. It seemed so much fun –in Drama. Basically you get paid for reading books, helping authors realise their dream, and giving readers a wide range of book selection in which one of the books could be the best book in their lifetime. I bet book editors in real life get emotional when their book is published.


I adoreeeee RIABB. Actually I do not have any scene that I can nitpick on. RIABB was such a healing drama for me. I thanked it for being there during a harsh period of time of the year for me. Thank you for keeping my sanity intact (lol)

Final score: 10 out of 10

Will I watch it again? YASSSSS

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