The Player [Drama Review]

I had doubts before picking this drama up but glad I gave it a shot. For me, The Player, was a nice drama to kill time with engaging script and good execution. The Player certainly had its weak points, it’s unavoidable in this kdramaland but as a whole The Player was enjoyable.

The official trailer of The Player: [SUBBED]


Everyone was great at their respective role. Unlike the usual Song Seung Hoon, he was actually great in this drama. He got to showcast a pretty board of emotions throughout the drama. Krystal is the type of actress who excels limited roles only. While she wasn’t very consistent in The Player but as a whole she delivered a satisfying performance and successfully brought Ah Reum, her character, to life.

Kang Ha Ri

I was very impressed by Kim Jong Tae. He played as That Person. That Person was definitely a scary character. Hemade the character even scarier. He kept his composure in all scenes, his tone was calm in majority of his scenes. Even when he was angry he did not raise his tone. Man, he was very scary. Standing applause to the actor, the writer, and the director for executing this character so well.

And the rest? Everyone was great. I do think The Player is one of the few 2018 dramas that has great casting for every role.


The Player was actually a fun drama about a bunch of swindlers who seek justice. It was very fun and light that it felt like a slice-of-life drama with thug fights inserted once in a while. This was The Player’s strength and weakness at the same time.

It was really fun and didn’t feel heavy at all when other drama/movie in the same genre would probably be. We were brought to the gang’s pasts too but it was packaged in a not-very-serious tone. We got the essentials and reasoning why they behaved like that but still questioning, “is it only it?” because it felt like the writer could dive deeper, could give more details and could tug our emotion more.

The Gang

I also felt that the fighting scenes were only there to emphasize the “OCN” trademark. As the episode went on I got a little frustrated at those fighting scenes. It was very monotone and didn’t serve any real purpose. They could totally skipped several fighting scenes, to be honest. The fighting scenes were well choreographed and well captured though, not going to lie.

A thing that bothered me a lot…. the logic. Well, there suppose to be no logic in this type of work so we can let it slide. Because if we really take logic into consideration in this type of genre, probably the drama would last for like 5-6 episodes only.

Other than those things above, The Player was such a nice drama to kill time. Only 14 episodes 60 minutes each, 2 hour less than regular dramas.

They worked on separate case each episode but by the end of the day, everything was connected to the one major player, That Person. So when I said That Person was a very terrifying person, I MEANT IT. The gang’s journey throughout the drama was very engaging. Definitely a fun watch!

The Characters

I do not have much to talk about for most of the characters. But one character made me really sad. It was Ah Reum. Ah Reum’s sudden change of emotion stability was such a pity. It happened after she met a female pickpocket who somehow reminded her of her younger self. Once a rational strong girl turned into a weak hearted and acted solely on her emotion. That happened overnight. Her character was crafted so gracefully (alongside with Ha Ri character) but the writer threw that away out of the window.

Ah Reum

The next character I want to talk about, That Person. How to explain this character well? The typical evil in kdramaland. Like Chairwoman Jang from Search:WWW (tvN, 2019) but killed people and much scarier. This character was the highlight in the much later episodes for me. The typical evil character in kdramaland, but so wicked, didn’t yell, was so calm yet could kill the person next to him in a flash without batting an eye. I was impressed how this character was so well pictured in this drama.

Final Comment

The Player is not the best drama out there but it does have charms to pull you in and enjoy it. Sadly, I didn’t feel attached but I highly enjoyed most of the episodes. The Player is a nice drama to kill time or if you’re just looking for some lighter OCN drama. Do give it a try! I give it a solid 7 out of 10. Probably won’t rewatch this since it’s never fun to watch this type of drama twice.

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