Why in the world are there so many dramas about affairs being produced since last least? I feel like more and more dramas in this genre are being released each year. I just hope writers and producer won’t beautify affairs. Really, don’t cheat on your partner guys!

I didn’t know VIP storyline when I got into it. Typical me, I don’t read the synopsis when starting a drama. I just go with the casts, writers and public opinion. I thought VIP was about the top 1% population’s lifestyle and all and not a freaking affair drama LOL.


Jang Na Ra, definitely one of my many sweethearts. She always delivers and no exception here. Her Oh Sunny image (from The Last Empress – SBS, 2018) was still strong at the time I picked VIP up but the moment I watched her in episode 1 she completely shattered Oh Sunny image. Perfect transformation. As usual, her crying scenes were the death of me. She really poured out her everything in every crying scene. My sweetheart, you did extremely great!

Na Jung Sun (played by Jang Na Ra)

Lee Sang Yoon, I wasn’t very familiar with his works. Mainly because I always skipped his drama for no concrete reason LOL. After watching him in VIP I guess I will go through his past works and pick something to watch. He definitely nailed his part. Really delivered his role and I felt his loneliness. I felt his guilt.

Park Sung Joon (played by Lee Sang Yoon)

Pyo Ye Jin, I wanted to slap her so bad THAT’S HOW GREAT SHE WAS in VIP. She portrayed On Yu Ri character so delicately. On Yu Ri was both fragile and wicked at the same time. Pyo Ye Jin could deliver that. She was a little bit awkward from time to time but overall she did great.

On Yu Ri (played by Pyo Ye Jin)

And the rest of the casts, you did an extremely great job throughout the drama.


It started off a bit cringy. Understand that they wanted to give us the basic idea how “VIP” their clients were but it was just cringy. And many other “VIP” scenes were, actually. But, aside of that, episode 1 caught my attention and sucked me in there was no way out. I found myself watching several episodes in one sitting.

The story moved at stable pace, for me. It wasn’t too fast but wasn’t too slow too. It could be considered fast for several people though, but for me it was just at the nice, steady pace. It wasn’t too rushed. The tensioned was built brilliantly. We got connected to each of the character especially Na Jung Sun (Jang Na Ra’s character) so deeply before the drama dropped the bomb.

Lee Hyun Ah (played by Lee Chung Ah)
Song Mi Na (played by Kwak Sun Young)

I liked how we were kept in the dark of who the woman Park Sung Joon (Lee Sang Yoon’s character) had affair with. I mean, I liked how the writer fooled me again and again. Every woman in this drama became a suspect. I seriously did not trust anyone. At one point I was 100% A was the woman but the next episode it was like B was the woman but then it was A again but it was then C. The twist within the twist.

I also liked the fact that the writer did not try to beautify the affair. An affair is a shameful act and should be portrayed as one no matter how complicated or humble the reason behind that affair. The writer wrote out how an affair really ruined both of the parties, the wife and the husband (and people around them). How bad an affair effected their lives, their mental health, how bad an affair could be/led to. The writer didn’t go extreme but it was enough to show how destructive an affair could be.

I also liked how the writer served some character development for our characters. Each character was so unique and strong yet together, the synergy did not outshine each other. The side characters’ main purpose was to make the leads shine even more, but the side characters here also served some quality purposes. I did not mind to see more of the side characters’ story at all. Each of them was fantastic.


For some odd reason, I can’t remember any BGM/songs from VIP. I also can’t remember my impression of the BGM. It’s been months since I finished watching it so maybe that’s why I can’t remember. Butttt, thankfully the full OST album is available across all music portals. Do give it a listen. Let the singers and composers know that you enjoy their work by streaming their songs on legal music portals.

Direct link to the Spotify page click here.


Unpredictable, full of suspense and realistic drama. If you’re coming to this drama thinking it’s an in-depth insight into the lives of top 1% population, you’re wrong. But aside from that, do give this drama a try if you’re up to heavy drama.

Overall rating : 9 out of 10

Will I Watch it Again? YES

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