Be Melodramatic/Melo is my Nature (Review)

My journey as a kdrama fan is one long journey. I gravitated towards heavy dramas several years back maybe because I just grew up and was curious about many things. Kdrama on the other hands, helped to introduced me to those things I was curious about. Kdramas which are thriller, procedural, crime – those type of genres, require you to think and remember many little details. That’s what made me first fell in love with these genres. Until this day, I still highly enjoy those genres and prioritize them on my to-watch list.

As I get older I appreciate slice of life dramas more because they’re realistic and sometimes console me. Well, as I get older I’ve got to experience new things. I keep only the good memories. When I’m not at my best condition (emotionally or physically) I reminisce those good memories to pick myself up again. South Korea’s slice-of-life dramas are packaged in the most humble way that when the drama has a similar vibe/activity/moments with what I myself have experienced before, can’t help but recalling my very own memories of it.

Be Melodramatic (BM) is not 100% carbon copy of my life (obviously) but several scenes and moments remind me of myself. BM is a perfect reminder of my own self, my own story, my own life goals, my own ways to enjoy life. BM is the love of my life.

Phew! What an opening. Now, shall we start the review? 🙂


Fantastic performance from every cast. Only knowing Chun Won Hee, Gong Myung and Ahn Jae Hong prior watching BM, I really did not have any expectation from the rest of the casts. BM turned out to be a great discography of Jeon Yeo Bin and Han Ji Eun.

Ahn Jae Hong‘s character (Director Son Beom Soo) was such a pain in the ass in earlier episodes but as we got to know him more, we learnt that Director Son was actually a charming person. Ahn Jae Hong did a great job at making his character annoying yet so endearing at the same time.

Ahn Jae Hong

Chun Woo Hee, an actress that I’ve been wanting to put in my Sweetheart List since Love Lies (movie, 2016)! Another great performance from her. She made Im Jin Joo character very adorable. Jin Joo most times also had very very very long dialogues but she managed to nail it too! Don’t forget her reactions and on-point expression.

And the rest of the casts, you did great! Character Lee Eun Jung was another favorite of mine. Her “I don’t give a sh*t” personality was funny but she also managed to showed her vulnerable side perfectly. Bravo to Jeon Yeo Bin for bringing this character to life.

From left to right: Chun Woo Hee, Han Ji Eun, Jeon Yeo Bin, Yoon Ji On


2019 was surely the year of good dramas (at least dramas that I watched). But sadly I had my biggest drama slump in 2019. It started in mid 2018. I felt like there was no good/decent dramas and that led me to watch older dramas or rewatch my fav dramas instead of watching newly released dramas. Oh boy it caused the very first phase of my drama slump. It prolonged until THE LAST QUARTER OF 2019. At that point, I felt like it was the perfect time to out kdramas from my life completely, for good. (LOL).

Fortunately in last quarter of 2019 I picked up several dramas that I thought was interesting. BM was one of those very few dramas. Thankfully, BM did not disappoint. Up until today, I still adore BM on spiritual level.

BM was a bit lackluster at the beginning. It was rather slow and wasn’t exactly exciting. Episode 1, thankfully, interesting enough to convinced me to pick up the second episode. The story then became very interesting once I got attached to the casts which honestly didn’t take long. The pace was stable it wasn’t that fast nor too slow it was the perfect pace for me to enjoy it. It also made BM felt more relatable to our daily lives.

I liked how the characters were introduced one by one in the most comfortable way possible. There are dramas that shoved all of the characters in our face without introducing them properly so it was really nice of BM to take time and explain every cast’s own life story, how our 3 (4) besties supported each other.

I liked how (character) Lee Eun Jung and Hwang Han Joo got almost same screentime and story as our true female lead, Im Jin Joo, yet they did not overshadow Jin Joo’s story nor distract us from the main story. Each other’s story was interesting and actually added value to BM’s story as a whole. Everyone had their own life problems, they always shared it even though the end decision was made individually. Their story was something that we could encounter in real life too so it made it more relatable. The way BM delivered it was also very comfortable, the simplest was possible without stripping away the essential things.

BM did not beautified the working field! Our trio worked at 3 different fields. We were exposed to the pros and cons of working at those fields which was a great reminder that every working field has its own challenges and benefits and characteristics. I just appreciate it when dramas don’t beautified the working field. Because it’s not always sunshine and unicorns everyday in every working field. It’s all stress, tears and deadlines that don’t seem to end (please ignore my rants LOL).

Of course, beautiful plot needs to be accompanied with great dialogues or it’s just not gonna work.  The dialogues! What can I say? It was rich and witty at the same time. Their dialogues were also relatable that sometimes it chocked me up.


I have a lot! But if I need to pick only one then it’s got to be this scene from episode 9.

starting on 00:53

It’s when Lee Eun Jung asked Im Jin Joo, Hwang Han Joo and her brother, Lee Hyo Bong (played by Yoon Ji On) to hug her because she was having a hard time. She even emphasized that she said this to them three. I cried a bucket! The bond between the characters was strong to the point they only needed to look at each other at the eye to understand.


I adoreeee their main OST. One cute song and definitely going to lift up your mood if you’re not in good mood. It’s personally one of my mosttt favorite OSTs released in 2019. I still listen to this song everyday and it instantly fixes my mood. Your Shampoo Scent in the Flowers is also being covered by many idols even actor, Jang Dong Yoon and entertainer Jang Do Yeon also covered this song. We can safely say, this song is well loved by everyone just like the drama.

Don’t forget to listen to the whole VA here>> spotify


BM is one of the BESTESTESTEST drama releases in 2019. It has made its way to my All Time Favs list. If you’re a new kdrama viewer this might not excite you (as per my observation many new kdrama viewers prefer sappy, romcom dramas as their first watches) but if you’ve been around for some time I guarantee you could see the beauty BM has to offer. BM is definitely one of the rare dramas you need to watch in your life

Overall Rating : 10 out of 10

Will I Watch it Again? It’s on my All Time Favs list for a good reason!

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