Crash Landing on You (Review)

Crash Landing On You (CLOY) was one pretty drama to watch with pretty casts, pretty sceneries, pretty OST. CLOY had the prettiest elements in kdramaland except…. Strong plot.


We can always count on Son Ye Jin when it comes to acting. At first it was rather awkward watching her as a cheerful and bubbly person since I only watched her movies before CLOY (ok, I watched her in Noona Who Buys Me Food (tvN , 2018) but I dropped it). Her roles in her movies were mostly independent, strong, I have everything under control type of role so her transformation as Yoon Se Ri in CLOY was a nice thing to watch. But I do think she excels more in mellow and thriller type of work. But she was definitely excelled her work in CLOY too. Definitely the bestestest thing in this drama.

Son Ye Jin as Yoon Se Ri

Hyun Bin. Just like Son Ye Jin, I only watched him in movies before and his image in my dictionary is a tough, cold-hearted, rational man. He excels those types of role. It’s a nice move to take romcom work once in a while to freshen up him image but it was cringey to see him being all jealous, cheesy and childish in CLOY LOL. But it was only me just ignore me. He was another bestestest thing in this drama.

Hyun Bin as Ri Jung Hyuk

Both of them was oozing with chemistry. Maybe the reason I enjoyed CLOY more than I expected was because of Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin’s off the roof chemistry!

And other casts that were so lovely. I adored you guys thank you for delivering great acting throughout the drama.


Cinematography deserved 2 thumbs up! It was something to die for. Something I’ve always wanted in every kdrama out there. Every scene was shot beautifully. I could tell right away the team poured their all to take every shot in this drama.


One scene that took my breath away, it’s that one scene where Se Ri was shot when she was in her car trying to save Ri Jung Hyuk. Then Ri Jung Hyuk opened the car’s door and Se Ri fell to his arm. Just WOW. It only lasted like… less than 30 seconds but the impression it left me woowww. That scene was shot beautifully. My jaw dropped when I watched that scene. Breathtaking. Stunning. One of the most artistic shot in my kdrama watching history.


That one particular scene was unbelievably beautiful. It still puts me in awe everytime I remember how artistic it is. It was a tragic scene it made you cry (if you have weak heart) but rather than crying, I found myself admiring that scene due to its out-of-this-world shot. Just unbelievably beautiful.


This is the essential part of a drama. CLOY was definitely a good watch. It was definitely addicting, backed with casts’ stellar acting, artistic cinematography and fitting BGM it was an almost perfect drama. But for me, the plot was rather weak compared to the other elements. It was actually quite disappointing that the writing was just thaaaaat for such a blockbuster drama. Sorry to say this, but CLOY was such an overrated drama.

New kdrama fan would totally love CLOY though. Because it’s light, fluffy, cute, romantic at the same time. I found it too generic. Maybe because I’ve watched too many dramas so I kind of know the pattern. It did not excite me as I could pretty much predict what would happen next. I did expect something more grand from CLOY.

The plot was fun and exciting. They built the tension so so well. It also got you invested to the plot and every single character fairly fast. Writer also did a good job at balancing the seriousness and comedy. One second we laughed and had butterflies in our stomach but the next second we shed tears, I tell you, writer was damn good at this. Don’t forget the second leads’ romance that did not lose to the lead’s romance.

One tip I can give you, watch it in marathon mode. You need to watch several episodes in one sitting. Do that so all those feelings are still intact so you can enjoy CLOY to its fullest. Why? Because I happened to put the last 2 episodes on hold for several weeks and when I came back to CLOY again, all those excitements just *puffs* not there anymore. I couldn’t re-connect to the plot and characters again. Maybe putting it on hold did have a portion in my change of heart but believe me, I’m usually not like this. Usually I can re-connect to the drama almost instantly.

And so… I decided to go several episodes back and rewatched hoping I could re-connect again and understand the plot better. But… nope.

By rewatching I actually felt like the plot was dragging mid-run. Not much going on and too many filler scenes. The length of every episode was probably the one to blame for this dragging plot problem. CLOY needed to fill in 80 minutes (even longer) airing time for each episode, it was too long for 1 episode. CLOY aired 2 episodes per week too, of course any writer needed to work extra hard to fill in 160 minutes demand every week. The problem was, CLOY was nothing but just a typical romcom drama with beautiful cinematography and set in North Korea. The plot actually did not have anything special or made me go “WOW I NEED TO RECOMMEND THIS DRAMA TO OTHERS SO BEAUTIFUL SO TOUCHING”. It was just another generic romcom. Nothing grand.


I don’t remember much regarding the OST/BGM I am not lying. So I went to Spotify and listened to the whole album but I don’t even remember listening to these songs when watching the drama LOL. But the OST album is great guys. Do give it a listen.


CLOY was such a nice watch if you want to escape the heavy plot kdramaland offers lately. Each episode is at least 80 minutes long, the 16th episode is almost 120 minutes long so probably not suitable for those who are pressed for time. The plot itself is generic but I think many people got on the CLOY ship because it is generic so… it all comes down to your preference. The casts and cinematography and also execution were to die for, really good. It’s a recommended kdrama for newbies but if you’re expecting MORE, CLOY might not be for you.

Overall rating : 7 out of 10

Will I Watch it Again? Nooooope

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