Find me in your Memory [Short Review]

“The law of time is fixed. Time only moves forward and you can never rewind it.” – Lee Jung Hoon

Everyone seemed to highly enjoyed this drama, Find me in your Memory (I will refer it as FMIYM for the rest of the review). I did too, at first. But when our OTP finally dated, things got really repetitive and tiring. The writer kept throwing obstacles to them trying to convince us, the viewers, that Lee Jung Hoon (played by Kim Dong Wook) and Yeo Ha Jin (played by Moon Ga Young) were meant to be together. But you know what? It was to cringey and unnecessary.


I enjoyed everyone’s performance. Noone was bad enough for me to remember. Everyone was great. Really happy to see that our lead took a different role than their previous work, respectively. They also nailed it.

Kim Seul Gi, my baby. Pairing her with Lee Jin Hyuk was a bit off. I couldn’t really connect with them. Maybe it’s just me. The same goes with the Kim Dong Wook and Moon Ga Young pairing to be honest. One of them was shadowing the other. Again, maybe it’s just me. Everyone seemed to not have any problem and was actually head over heels for them. They surely looked good together, but the chemistry wasn’t really there.


FMIYM was so lovely at first. They took their time to tell Jung Hoon’s past. I liked how Drama did not shove all information in one go, they took their time to do it so it wasn’t overwhelming. Yeo Ha Jin’s full backstory was told much later.

The plot moved at steady pace, I found it to be really comfortable. The leads got to know and understand each other’s feeling slowly so the romance didn’t start suddenly and I really appreciate that. But once they’re finally together, things got annoying and guess what? FMIYM started to lose its charm that pulled me in in the first place.

I found the leads’ journey as a couple was very tiring. The writer kept throwing bad things to them. It would be reasonable to have 1 or 2 hardship to test their love you know, to thicken the plot or to dramatize the plot but ever since they decided to go out together bad things kept on happening. If I were Yeo Ha Jin I would dump Lee Jung Hoon because ever since dating him my life took a turn for the worse.

Passed halfway mark, I found it hard to 100% focus watching it and be invested to the plot. I didn’t bother to watch this drama properly. I don’t even remember the plot properly now. I followed FMIYM on weekly basis to be honest but when the plot creeped me out so much I had to put on hold for month and only managed to finished it last week.

It’s such a shame though. FMIYM was off to a great start, with promising and refreshing pilot episode and plot. The plot got so weird and too much to handle. Now, I don’t have many pleasant memories of FMIYM. Because finishing this drama became an obligation and it wasn’t fun.


You won’t like me and probably will label me as “a hater” but, nothing stood out from the cinematographic aspect. Your regular public broadcast standard.



I was contemplating whether I should post this or not. I do not want to be labeled as hater I just simply want to post this review here so in case someone asks me about this drama I can answer that question. FMIYM was fun at first, but gradually lost its charm (at least for me) It was still enjoyable though, many people loved this series too. I guess, it’s all about your personal preferences.

Final score: 6 out of 10

Will I re-watch this? Nope

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