Kiss that Kills [Review]

The premise was interesting! The leads could go back to the past with just a kiss. Yes, time slip plot is overused in movieland and dramaland but no one ever done it with a kiss! It picked up my interest right away. I watch J-dramas occasionally so I’m not familiar with anyone except Kento Yamazaki (our leading male, Otaro). I’m also not familiar with how Japan does its dramas but overall I’m glad I picked this one up.


Like I said earlier, I only watch J-dramas occasionally so I don’t think I’m qualified enough to score their acting. I don’t know what kind of acting is considered as good acting by Japanese standard and what kind of acting is favored over there. Every country has different acting standard. But if I used the usual standard I used, the acting wasn’t really a feast in KTK. Again, I don’t know exactly acting standard by Japanese market so please pardon me.

In some scenes, the actors exagerrated their acting too much. It didn’t look cool to me. Maybe the director requested it to build the suspense/vibe but I do believe you don’t have to go all the way to the top to achieve that. I wished they toned it down a bit to make it more comfortable.

But overall, everyone did a good job at their respective role. Kento with his cheeky yet wicked character, Otaro. Mugi Kadowaki as Saiko the kissing girl who was really quirky and weird but actually a loner. Mackenyu Arata as two-faced brother.


I liked the spooky vibe KTK gave off in the first few episodes. It picked up my interest and made me really look forward to the next one. KTK did a good job laying down the foundation in early episodes so we could enjoy the upcoming episodes without getting too confused.

I liked how KTK portrayed human greed even though it was a bit turn off but hey that means KTK did such a great job. Otaro learnt that he could go back to the past so easily with almost no risk at all. His greediness took the best of him and he went crazy trying to turn his life around. He exploited that advantage to the fullest. This was also the very important point of this drama, doing the same things over and over again to get the result they wanted.


While the princess concept that Mikoto (played by Yuko Araki) had was annoying (princess concept is almost always annoying to begin with in J-dramaland and even K-dramaland) but she was actually that one character that triggered Otaro to change his life around. I gotta be honest, pretty much safe to say that almost every character was connected to one another and had value to the plot. They helped Otaro to “find” himself and made the plot more intersting.

KTK surely had loopholes. I still have several unanswered questions like why Saiko clinged to Otaro in the first place, how Saiko got that ability and others. KTK was a bit cringy at times e.g the whole concept of Eight the infamous host (and to be honest Kento was also cringy in those scenes). But I think those downside could be forgiven because the plot as a whole was pretty good.


Character development

Many of the characters were great and served a notable development. Of course the most notable one was Otaro as he was the leading character and what this drama was all about. But another notable character development was seen in Saiko character. She was a spiteful girl who was hurt on inside and always thought she was cursed but with the help of Otaro she started to accept her ability.

But yes, a character turned to be the worse. I’m talking aobut Takouji.

Cinematography and editing

The transition from one scene to another could be done more gracefully. Several times it felt like it was done too abruptly. I do think the transition was a bit choppy for most of the time but oh well again, I don’t know whether this is the norm in J-dramaland or not.

Other that those things, I do think the set picks could be better. The first episode legit screamed low-budget drama.


KTK was a nice watch to kill time. A bit cringy and time slip plot is actually something we get once in a while in this dramaland so it’s not original. But KTK had its own charms that could suck you in almost immediately. I give it a fairly high score.

Total score: 7 out of 10

Will I re-watch it again? No. KTK is a bit too cringy to my liking.

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