Chip In [Review]

Chip In was something new for me. The story felt so fresh and clever, it easily sucked me in almost instantly. Not many people talk about this mini series, ah such a shame. Chip In is like a hidden gem. I think it’s due to CI didn’t have casts that the majority of people know or familiar with. But I think it’s one of the many reasons why CI was such a great drama. CI introduced me to many new faces and none of them was disappointing. Oh boy, it was such a feast watching CI. Strong plot, great acting and crisp, polished cinematography.


I’m only familiar with 3 casts out of 9 main casts, Oh Na Ra, Kim Jung Young, Kim Hye Jun, and Nam Moon Chul. I was skeptical at first at the others because I was really not familiar with them. They were prob in movies/dramas I watched but I just wasn’t familiar with them. But everyone was so cool. Their acting was very natural and everyone was oozing with charisma/certain vibe that complimented the story very well.

The casting director really deserves a rise. CI really introduced many great rookies/aspiring actors so it was really fun to be able to discover some hidden talent.


The plot moved so fast, almost no room to breath (in a good way!). Once you miss a scene you’ll get confused of the next scene. CI really requires you to sit down, focus 100% and get invested. Secrets kept on being revealed but when I thought there was no secret left, they revealed another one! What blew me away the most is the details. The writer scattered details here and there, basically like every 5 minutes. One scene or one’s action was hinted several scenes or episodes before.

The write also explained the reason/the logic behind that one scene or one’s action, what triggered that, what happened due to that. That was freakin amazing. Rather than writing as the idea came to her/him (the writer, I don’t know how to address the writer), the writer had one big picture of what s/he wanted then s/he started writing the ideas from there and put details everywhere. I notice that this is the same writer that wrote Bad Papa (MBC, 2018) ooohh another fav drama of mine. This writer basically secures a spot in my heart.

There was twist within twist within twist! Mind blown! I just couldn’t guess the next move or the possible thing that would happen. I couldn’t guess who the main master was. I just couldn’t make any theory. Once I had a theory, the next episode just broke my theory completely. I ended up with new theory but it’s just proven to be wrong again. That’s never-ending cycle.

The writer did a great job of building the suspense. The whole “who’s the main master is” story isn’t entirely new but CI felt so refreshing and unique. There was really no dull scenes. Every scene was connected to one another.


This aspect also did not disappoint! The cinematography really complemented the vibe of the scenes. The lighting was a bit dim. In first ep it was more/felt like a noir, thriller drama they sort of toned it down as the episode went on but IT WAS STILL THERE. The suspense the mystery was felt not only seen but also felt.


The OST album is also so great! Please give it a listen you won’t be disappointed.


Such a breath of fresh air! A stunning drama, tight from start to finish. No useless or filler scene. The details and reasoning will blow you away. I give it a solid 10/10.

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