Alice [Dropped]

The past and future are important. But why don’t we focus on keeping ourselves happy in the present? – Alice

Time travel themed dramas are produced more often now. It’s a tricky element of a drama. If the execution is done gracefully backed with great plot, it’s a total hit. If the execution and plot are meh, it’s a total miss. I think it’s pretty rare for the later.

Alice was such a great drama at the beginning. Me, and eveyone else was so blown away by ep 1 and 2. Very intriguing plot, CG was smooth, acting was fab. At that time it felt like there’s no way this drama would mess up. The back story of Tae Yi (played by Kim Hee Seon) was almost perfectly told. If you happen to follow me on twitter you have must seen my tweets hyping up this drama during the first few weeks of its airing. BUT, it didn’t last long. Alice, unlike what I predicted, messed up. I spoke too early.

Casts, Acting

Probably I’m on of the very few people that don’t get the hype about Joo Won. He has proven his acting chop for years already, Good Doctor (KBS2, 2013) and Bridal Mask (KBS2, 2012) are his representative dramas to show off his acting skill. He was damn fine in those dramas but I felt he didn’t serve in Alice. There’s no doubt that he’s a good actor but I just felt his acting was a bit cringy at times in Alice. Like sort of, he wanted to let go but at the same time he restrained himself. Boring role just does not suit him I guess.

Joo Won
Kim Hee Seon

Kim Hee Seon, while she certainly didn’t suit Park Sun Young role, she did a great job as Yoon Tae Yi (the past, present and future). Kwak Si Yang, oh boy it was nice to see him again. He was oozing with charisma. Ok I’m probably a bit biased here. Hwang Seung Eun always nails this type of role, cold, charimatic type of role. But the problem is, I’ve only seen her in this type of role.

Kwak Si Yang
Hwang Seung Eun


No doubt, the first 4 episodes were real gold I couldn’t ask for me. We’re in unison that the first 2 eps were really interesting, everything looked fancy. The story built up pretty quickly. Episode 3 and 4 solidified our impression. The plot was really good, too good to be true. It went downhill at some point and eventually never got back up again to its former glory.

First of all, I felt like the present Tae Yi had a crush on Jin Gyeom (Joo Won) which honestly a major turn off. It was really weird because however the present Tae Yi was probably Jin Gyeom’s mother past self. The writer kind of tried to write them as a couple. The directing also showed this. It was really uncomfortable from that point. Ok, it was already a little bit uncomfortable before that, but when the writer pushed the idea of “crush” all good memories I had with Alice just got crushed.

I watched up to ep 13, I passed the halfway mark. The plot was draggy in the middle, just like the typical dramas. Ep 13 though, the plot kind of picked up. It got really interesting again and all. But I was already tired and irritated that I just couldn’t bring myself to watch the next episode. Up to ep 13 many were left unanswered. Maybe those were answered in later episodes I don’t know. I wished the writer told more about Alice, since everything that’s happening with the characters was started from Alice. We did know that Tae Yi started the research but how the research was connected with Alice?


The first 2 eps definitely took the crown. CGI was smooth, pretty much throughout the run. No choppy or sloppy editing. The transition between the scenes was also smooth.


Alice, thankfully, has one memorable OST. Yuju’s “Secret” is one powerful song that represents and reminds us of Alice. Her powerful vocal too!


If you’re a fan of time travel dramas this might be a good watch for you. Alice did suffered midway drag but it did pick up at ep 13. There was twist within twist. You would suspect everyone to be the bad person. The vibe was not that bad too. I give it a 5/10.

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