Dropped Dramas in 2020 Roundup

I found myself becoming more and more selective when it comes to dramas I watch. Even if I pick one up and watch it for several episodes I could lose interest suddenly and eventually drop it. I did watch more dramas this year. I even added Mainland and Taiwanese dramas to my list, something that I’ve had never done for years. But the more dramas I watched, the more dramas I dropped. So when a drama didn’t really spark joy for me, I just dropped it without a second thought. I dropped like triple the amount of dramas I dropped last year (if not more!) and I’ve posted several blog posts to explain and discuss why I dropped them. But I have tooooo many dramas that I dropped. I don’t really have time to write blog post for each dramas I dropped this year so I do this roundup post instead to discuss dramas I dropped that I not yet posted a dedicated post here.

One thing I want to clarify, I picked up all these dramas in current year, 2020. So you’ll see several dramas that were broadcasted several years back but still in this list. I will explain why I decided to drop them. I will also include short synopsis of each drama in case some might interest you. I will also embed the Spotify page of the OST album if the album is available. Just like my usual scoring method, I will rate the dramas from 1 to 10. 1 being the lowest just the worst don’t even pick this up don’t let the drama make you suffer, and 10 the highest score which you won’t find it in this post. These dramas will be listed based on their airing year. Now, shall we start?

Lion Pride (TDrama, TTV, 2018 – 2019)

Score: 2/10

Synopsis: a mathematics teacher and a history teacher get tangled in a messy criminal scheme.

The male lead, Wang Qiang Da, was supposed to be a genius mathematician who’s perfect just perfect he could even decipher a place by just listening to a voice recording, yet he couldn’t recognize the female lead’s voice. Hey he just helped prosecutor tracked down a wanted criminal by just listening to a voice recording. The criminal, Black Ghost, was caught way too easily. Prosecutor had been trying to catch him for years but how the Black Ghost was caught was way too anti-climax. Also, prosecutor sharing information about a criminal to a citizen? No code of ethic, uh?

Let’s put those things aside first, the leads continuously bickered and it wasn’t cute. Into episode 3 it was plain annoying. I dropped it at episode 3 because I got too irritated.

The acting could be better too. In episode 3, Wang Qiang Da (played by Yen Tsao) when he was questioning the Black Ghost about his father, Yen Tsao could do much better IMO. It looked like he wanted to go 100% but parts of him wanted to keep his cool side and so it just looked awkward.

Emperors and Me (CDrama, MangoTV, 2019)

Score: 1/10

Synopsis: A college student from 2019 discovers that she can travel through time and brings back three emperors from their respective dynasties to the present day.

I picked this up because I thought it’d be cute (time travel dramas are always fun, you know) which honestly, was fun at first but it steadily got worse. The logic was just not there. For example, 1) the female lead talked to the emperors in such rude manner I mean… hey they’re emperors. The emperors’ timeline, at their palace with the royal guards surrounded them 2) She sneaked them in to her dorm which she shared with two roommates?? 3) She and the emperors kind of did not care about her roommates. The emperors’ presence needed to be kept as a top secret but they conversed in such loud voice even though her roommates were in the room right beside her room. 4) a kidnapping that’s so blatantly done in the middle of the day?

Let’s put aside the stupid details for a while. The setting (location/sets) and CG looked bad. The props, the wigs also looked bad and unnatural. Those things really distracted me. The acting was awkward too. Combined, everything was so awkward to me. I already passed the halfway point oh wow I actually stayed too long. I really, I mean, I REALLY do not recommend this.

Watch legally for free hereee >

Catch the Ghost (KDrama, tvN, 2019)

Score: 5/10

Synopsis: Yoo Ryung’s twin sister has gone missing and presumably murdered by the “Subway Ghost”. She then applies to be part of subway police team to find the Subway Ghost.

I dropped it at episode 12. It was really fun at first, episode 1 especially. I had a really good laugh and the plot seemed really interesting. But then I felt like the drama became a bit too dark after Yoo Ryung’s story was revealed. It was actually fine, her story was the backbone of this drama. The cases were also interesting and nerve-wracking. But I felt like the plot went a little bit downhill, bit by bit once the romance was formed. I felt like it was a bit unnecessary.

The leads also almost had zero chemistry (IMO). They’re great individually but together, I wasn’t so sure. I dropped it because there’s no way I could enjoy this drama to the fullest until the end. It was actually really saddening that at one point I really liked this drama but then *poofs* everything wasn’t the same anymore.

Pegasus Market (KDrama, tvN, 2019)

Score: 8.5/10

Synopsis: An executive is demoted to a CEO of almost-bankrupt grocery store called Cheonrima Mart. Angered, Jung Bok Dong wants to take a revenge on the parent company for his demotion. But who knows that all the plans and tactics he does only bring benefit to Cheonrima Mart.

This drama is the highest rated drama in this list that it’s making me feel really guilty including this in this post. Pegasus Market was so bizarre LOL. This is the drama’s purpose though. But it was too bizarre for me. The drama was actually fun, weirdly fun! Jung Bok Dong’s actions to boost sales were hilarious.

Every episode was such a feast. Oh, they had festival and all in this drama. Pegasus Market was such a feel good drama you can watch it without thinking, without remembering too much detail, no theories whatsoever, just watch it and enjoy it. You’ll be entertained by every episode. I’m also not quite sure why I dropped this LOL maybe because it’s just too bizarre for me.

Pegasus Market was weird but very funny and witty and exciting in every episode. If you’re up for weird elements in a drama, this might be a perfect watch for you. This drama is in this list not because it was bad or anything it’s just me 😂

Chocolate (KDrama, JTBC, 2019-2020)

Score: 2/10

Synopsis: Childhood crush meet again now that they’re both an adult. They do not know the fact though and the impression he has on her is really bad. Their story is more than just childhood crush.

TOO SLOW. The plot was too slow. 3 episode in and still too slow I dropped it with without a second thought. The cinematography was a killer though, really pretty. But they had such an underwhelming plot to back it up.

The drama actually off to a rather good start. We were slowly introduced to the characters and their story. After they became an adult the plot moved really slow and sort of cringy. Like, blood was splashing when the male lead, Lee Kang did a surgery? No. Don’t do dramas like that because surgeons are laughing at you.

Rugal (KDrama, OCN, 2020)

Score: 3/10

Synopsis: a detective has two artificial eyeballs and special ability, works with a bunch of people who are just like him, people with artificial body parts. They call themselves “Rugal”.

Rugal was fresh, combining material arts with biotech and all. But it got too repetitive which honestly the problem with many dramas in the same genre. I couldn’t keep my focus while watching. I kept getting distracted by something else. That’s how unconnected I was with the story. I was actually already at episode 9 when I decided to drop this. I stayed too long, I really wanted to stay and wanted to appreciate the drama. I wish Rugal was packaged more prettily to make it less repetitive.

Also, Park Sung Woong‘s character was annoying af.

Train (KDrama, OCN, 2020)

Score: 5/10

Synopsis: Seo Do Won discovers there’s a world beside the world he’s living in, a parallel world.

Just like Rugal, I had a hard time trying to connect with the plot and sympathize with the characters. The pacing was off for me. I’ve watched up to episode 4 and to be honest they could have packed it to just 2 or 3 episodes instead of 4. They took too much time building up the story that ended up being a miss. I really tried hard to stay because of the two leads are my babies but I just couldn’t. The premise is interesting though, parallel world, with some thriller and crimes thrown in! Oh so OCN!

Graceful Friends/Elegant Friends (KDrama, JTBC, 2020)

Score: 5/10

Synopsis: A guy blackmailed Nam Jung Hae. Right after her husband knew it, that guy was so suddenly murdered. Who murdered that guy? The husband?

This was marketed as the second Sky Castle (2019) which honestly, such a wrong move. I had high expectation because of it but to be honest the first 4 episodes just did not live up to my expectation. It was solid, the acting was undeniably great but something just didn’t sit right with me. I actually wanted to picked this up again but it has 17 episodes, ugh too long. Lately I feel like dramas can actually end at 10 or 12 ep.

Up until episode 4 there was nothing special that made me looked forward for the next episode so I just dropped it.

Flower of Evil (KDrama, tvN, 2020)

Score: 6/10

Synopsis: Cha Ji Won, an outstanding detective is married to the infamous (speculated) murderer, Baek Hee Sung. Baek Hee Sung lives under someone else’s identity so everyone around him including his wife does not know that he’s that infamous murderer. Is he really the murderer or just simply takes the blame to protect someone else?

Everyone seemed to love this drama and I honestly understand why. 1) Moon Chae Won and Lee Jun Ki were the leads, 2) complex and layered plot. I was also one of those people who was so excited to watch this drama. But I got really busy with life in the middle of FE run I had to put this drama on hold – with other dramas too. When I got back to it again, I didn’t feel the same excitement as I had before. I did watch several episodes after I picked this up again, hoping that I would love the series again, but it didn’t happen. It might be just me, but since the plot was too layered it’s exhausting. I dropped it after ep 10 I believe.

Oh well, at least the OST are catchy

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