Search [Short Review]

As part of OCN Dramatic Cinema, Search definitely served the expectations. Being part of the Dramatic Cinema already picked my interest. The pacing is fast, foundation for the story and each character was laid out from the start of the series which I really liked. Solid development for both the plot and several characters. Acting was also good from each actors. Cinematography? Hey, Search was produced as OCN Dramatic Cinema!

Search started with the puzzling prologue that took place at Sector 21 (around DMZ area) in 1997. A North Korean woman wanted to defect to South Korea together with her newborn baby. When she was about to defect, a troop from NK discovered her. Frightened, a soldier from SK side fired his gun and eventually all NK soldiers were killed and the remaining SK soldiers who survived kept the bloody event as a top secret. On the other day, a mysterious NK man entered SK land secretly. He seemed to be infected by something dangerous as his eyes was bloodshot red. These 2 events became the backbone of this drama. It’s how it began and how it ended.

I must say that Search did a great job at laying out the foundation in episode 1 and se we got basic information of what was happening and what to expect. This is very important (for me), many dramas nowadays don’t even bother doing it. Therefore, Search won extra points by doing this. The flashbacks to 1997 was also placed strategically to fill in the gaps.

As the story unfolded, the excitement/thrill did not wear off even a bit. Polaris team kept on trying to take down the Target with their very limited resources and information and everytime they were out to hunt it was really nerve-wracking. Similar scenes were served throughout the run (Polaris team hunting the Target) but it was never even once boring. It always successfully made me hold my breath because how suspenseful it was every single time.

With only 10 episode to fill, the pacing was quite fast and directly to the point. The story nearing the end might be a little predictable but it was the proper ending for everyone. SPOILER AHEAD The logic was a bit off nearing the end though, e.g. First) In ep 9, when First Lieutenant Son Ye Rim and Sergeant Yong Dong Jin were inside the Sector 21 building and encountered the Target. Son Ye Rim left Yong Dong Jin to be together with the Target and have some personal time. I perfectly understood the back story of the Target but at that time they were still unsure of everything. Target was Target. Therefore I found Son Ye Rim leaving them together was kind of stupid.

Second) The Target was supposed to be the host so everything surrounded him should be contaminated with radioactive. Remembering that the radioactive level was pretty high (shown in prior episodes) Polaris team members had high potential to be contaminated too. But apparently the host could only contaminate wild dogs. Okay. Third) Entering the DMZ with no complete combat suit and guns, First Lieutenant Lee Joon Sung you know better but okay.

Forth) As the members of an elite military unit, Yong Do Jin and Son Ye Rim could not focus on their surrounding and current thing (esp Yong Do Jin). In ep 5 when the Target infiltrated their headquarter and apparently killed their comrade, Seo Baek Jun. The two entered their headquarter, guns ready to be fired the very second they saw sight of the Target but when the Target dropped Seo’s body from the ceiling the two lost focus almost immediately. All their attention was only to Seo. I mean, the Target was right above them you need to kill the Target first he’s right above youuu.

Those are small details that could easily be overlooked. But I do think they had the chance to perfect the drama why there were still several logic issues. Okay we can overlook point no 2.


Handsome man wearing the combat suit beside handsome man beside another handsome man beside another handsome man. Yas. Sorry for the thirst lol.

handsome men lol

Search served many adrenaline-pumping scenes. This is the reason why I fell in love with the drama right off the bat. The last quarter of episode 1 when Yong Dong Jin’s search team and Son Ye Rim’s KCST team joined hands, the combat scene, hands down, sent chills down my spine. Polaris team had many adrenaline-pumping scenes, oh everytime they out to hunt!

Second (or third if we count the handsome men lol) THE DOGS! They are so loveableee. Search had 2 military dogs, first Leo and second Mac.


Fun fact, I picked this drama up solely because Search’s first military dog shared the same name as Kang Hyung Wook‘s (The most respected and famous dog trainer in SK) dog, Leo. They both are German Shepherd! Both are pretty old! Search’s Leo’s skin around his mouth is white already, meaning he’s pretty old. Kang Hyung Wook’s Leo was also a military dog for 8 year before he finally retired around March 2019, he was part of the search and rescue team too. It’s stupid because I watched this drama because of a dog. I actually hated the fact that Leo only appeared in 1 episode lol! While you’re at it please check out Kang Hyung Wook’s Leo too and give Leo lots of love and his other dogs too; Chelsea and Baro (I’m so shameless)


Seems like the drama does not have official OST album. I tried to looked it up on MelOn and it’s not there too. But I gotta say that the team used the proper BGM at proper scenes. The BGM added more suspense and created eerie feeling especially when they were out hunting.


I honestly really recommend this drama. Being produced under the OCN Dramatic Cinema banner already earned Search a big point. The story stayed tight until the end with great development and mystery. And oh, good looking men in army uniform! And Mac!

Final score: 9/10

Another poster, because this looks too pretty to be ignored

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