Reason #1 to Love Shin Joon Young

To Those Messed Up Idols Out There

Some idols are just ungrateful and stupid. They make the same mistake over and over again even though they know their action could lead the whole nation to hate them. As a fan of idols, sometimes I’m tired watching them do stupid things again and again. That’s why I rarely “clean up” their mess. It’s their fault, not mine. Why should I go around the internet and write “on behalf of the fandom and him, I’m sorry” LOL like I don’t have my own life. Fanwar is not my thing. I’ll defend my oppa if he’s right and is blamed for things he didn’t do but if it’s his fault then why should I? I’m a clever and unbiased fangirl *hides in the corner*

10 Reasons to Watch “Oh My Venus”

Earlier this year I decided to marathon Oh My Venus, a drama that had Shin Min Ah and So Ji Sub as its leading actors. It’s a shame that it took me over than 3 months to review the drama when I only needed 3 days to finish all 16 episodes. I was also shocked at how fast I finished this drama. The drama was fun and cute for most part. It’s an almost perfect drama for me.

A review of this drama is coming real soon, I promise! I don’t want to just send off this drama just like that. So, that’s why I’m posting this post. My very 10 reasons to watch Oh My Venus if you haven’t! Please notice that this is 100% biased and unprofessional. I might look like a pathetic fangirl but that’s the point of this post! One thing I can guarantee is, the review of this drama is professional. I wanted to send off this drama with 2 posts that have completely different vibe from one another. One is me being super blinded, and the other one is me being super objective.  One is unprofessional, biased, silly, and stupid, and the other one is professional, almost boring, so review-like. Ok enough with that. These are my 10 -fangirl- reasons on why you should watch Oh My Venus! More

“Punch” Appreciation Post Part 2

So I finished Punch (SBS, 2015) few days ago and still can’t believe at how amazing this drama is. It’s a well-rounded drama with excellent acting from every cast and the plot is very brilliant. Almost no good person in this one which is suffocating for those viewers who want to watch only good characters in dramas. If you’re in this category, don’t watch the drama because you won’t be able to find the beauty of Punch and you’ll end up giving it bad comment.

I’ve decided to not review this drama since I have super limited time now after being a full-time worker LOL this is something that I should be proud of. But I still want to give this series a proper send-off since it entertained me very very well. So, here I am, posting the part 2 of my “Punch” Appreciation Post ihihi. Because one post for this type of drama is never enough! More

“Madame Antoine” Appreciation Post

With just two episodes left I’m wondering whether or not Madame Antoine will satisfy me or not. Madame Antoine is definitely not the best release so far in 2016 but definitely entertaining. I find myself keep wanting more after watching every episode. I’m addicted to this drama but not going to lie, there are some parts that’s a bit boring and lacking but overall, the drama is entertaining.

First, let me briefly review the drama. The drama More

My Love for “One More Happy Ending” ep 13 & 14

I was a little disappointed with One More Happy Ending ep 11 and 12 because they didn’t really meet my expectation but ep 13 was surprisingly great. Maybe because Han Mi Mo (played by Jang Na Ra) and Song Soo Hyuk (played by Jung Kyung Ho) finally got together. Don’t forget the fact that they looked extremely great together here. There are many scenes that I like from ep 13 and 14 and I wish I could upload all of my caps but it’s pretty impossible. I have almost 100 caps! This is my newest record.  More

15 Million Won??!!

Okay, I know that Bubblegum ended its run weeks ago but I really want to do appreciation post. I couldn’t live-watching the drama every week because I was really busy when it was airing. I’ve only live-watched 4 episodes and haven’t pick it up again. I am planning to watch the rest 12 episodes in near future so you can expect me to do another appreciation post. For those who have watched the series, hope this post will remind you a bit of the drama and for those who haven’t, hope my post will help you to decide whether or not picking this up.

Now, this post is about a scene that I like from ep 3, simply because it shows how playful the female lead is, Haeng Ah, played by Jung Ryeo Won. The other two (Lee Dong Wook, Park Hee Bon)’s reactions are priceless too.  More

Wake Up To Reality!

I just watch the second episode of One More Happy Ending and I’m loving More

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